Midsummer Issue - July and August 2011
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Welcome to Duct Tape on a Roll.
Lots goes on in the summertime that requires duct tape. For instance,
Duct Tape Boat Races! Here's a cool project that your family and friends can do together. Or, introduce it as a fun activity for the annual company picnic or town event.

Using only cardboard and duct tape, create a functional boat. If you have enough people for teams, offer prices for most creative construction, most successful floater, and least water-worthy (etc.). You can race the water-worthy crafts.

Watch some videos and read articles about successful Duct Tape Boat races here:
North Myrtle Beach
University of the Pacific
SUNY Potsdam Boat Race
Salem Utah Duct Tape Boat Regatta
New Orleans Jewish Community Center Duct Tape Boat Race

There you go - have fun (and make sure you wear your life vest when water-testing your boat)!

Or, Customize your Vehicle
Not quite willing to get wet? If you have a yellow car, grab a roll of Duck® brand's checker tape, put one stripe down the side and you have yourself a taxi in which to bring the kids to summer day camp activities. We believe the checkered Duck tape is currently available at Michael's stores.

You can see all of the patterns and colors of Duck® brand tape at DuckBrand.com. Tell 'em that Jim and Tim, the Duct to keep the kids out of your hair this summer.

Got a duct tape use that you'd like to add to our mix? Check out our Duct Tape Sightings pages and email us your photo submission to the link on the page.

Another life saved with duct tape!
Kids were playing around my watermelon bed.  Found a watermelon that was cracked, I wiped the area clean and installed strips of duct tape to close the crack.  The watermelon survived & thrived.  The patch stayed on the watermelon for about 30 days.  After the duct tape was removed, the watermelon was healed.  Then, my family enjoyed a fine, healthy watermelon. - Jackie, McIntosh Bluff, Alabama

Ricky the Duct Tape Kid We've added a new artist to our Duct Tape Art Gallery - Ricky from Winona, MN.. Check out the stuff that Ricky makes using exclusively Duck® brand duct tape. Click here to see Ricky's creations - many of which you can purchase!

Read a TON more stories of how duct tape has saved the day for ordinary folks around the world at the Duct Tape Diner.

We could have rolled with any duct tape company... But it was a no-brainer to select Duck® Tape as our official duct tape. Here are some more reasons why:

Voting has ended and winners were chosen for best duct tape prom attire

AVON, Ohio (July 14, 2011) – Students Lindsay Ashby and Jarrid Scott will each head to college $5,000 richer, after winning the 11th annual Duck Tape® brand duct tape Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest. The seniors combined creativity and duct tape to create one-of-a-kind prom outfits for their high school prom, impressing the judges, including Miss America 2011, Teresa Scanlan. After being chosen as one of the Top 10 couples, Ashby and Scott went on to amaze the public, receiving a large portion of the more than 21,000 votes sent in between June 17th and July 11th.

Ashby and Scott caught everyone’s eye with their prom attire, which was inspired by art that they had previously created. The couple combined vintage, modern and high fashion styles for outfits that showcased their personalities. All of the lace was hand designed and meticulously cut out of duct tape sheets. The outfits also included over 90 lilies, each with 10 petals and centered with a lace cut-out. Ashby and Scott spent more than 95 hours making the attire and used more than 57 rolls of duct tape.

The couple will each receive $5,000 as well as $5,000 for the school that had the prom, Dawson Springs High School. They are followed by second place winners, Alyssa Danielewicz and Frankie Fazzino, who will each receive $3,000 and $3,000 for Portland High School. Third place winners John Carilli and Leeza Brown will each receive $2,000 and $2,000 for Northwest Career and Technical Academy. All other Top 10 couples will each receive $500 and $500 for their school. See the other category winners at www.stuckatprom.com.

Top Students Stick Around for Chance to Win Big in Stuck at Prom® Scholarship Contest
Top 10 contestants’ chance to win scholarships is now up to the public - vote here: www.stuckatprom.com

AVON, Ohio (June 20, 2011) – The Duck Tape® brand duct tape Stuck at Prom® Scholarship Contest is one competition that’s sure to stick in the minds of many students from all over North America. These students stuck it out to create one-of-a-kind prom fashions, qualifying them for a chance to win one of the most creative scholarship contests ever conceived. For 10 couples, the competition has become even stickier as these finalists compete for online votes to determine which of 10 scholarship prizes they will receive – including the $5,000 top prize.

Now in its 11th year, the contest challenges students to exercise their originality with more than 20 colors and prints of duct tape available, and then wear their colorful creations to prom. This year’s Top 10 couples were selected from 330 entries representing 44 states and four Canadian provinces.
A panel of judges, including Miss America 2011 Teresa Scanlan, who is also a duct tape enthusiast, selected the Top 10 finalists based on workmanship, originality, use of color, accessories and use of duct tape in constructing their outfits. Now it’s up to the Top 10 to stick it to their friends, relatives and facebook fans, soliciting online votes during the three-week voting period – June 17–July 11. All ten winning couples will then join the ever-growing list of Stuck at Prom winners.
Below are the Top 10 couples of 2011:

Alyssa D. and Frankie F., Portland High School, Portland, CT
Celeste W. and Nora H., Logan-Rogersville High School, Rogersville, MO
Chelsea S. and Alexander R., Fremont Christian School Private Satellite Program, Freemont, CA
Hannah K. and Luke M., Nathan Hale High School, West Allis, WI
John C. and Leeza B., Northwest Career and Technical Academy, Las Vegas, NV
Kristin Z., and Hunter S., Oak Grove High School, Hattiesburg, MS
Laura W. and Paul C., Burges High School, El Paso, TX
Lindsay A. and Jarrid S., Dawson Springs High School, Dawson Springs, KY
Mitzi R. and Cody S., Swainsboro High School, Swainsboro, GA
Sarah L. and Jonathan S., Rogers High School, Wyoming, MI

The first place couple (earning the highest number of online votes) will receive $5,000 each and $5,000 for the high school that hosted the prom. The second place winners (earning the second highest number of online votes) will each receive $3,000 and $3,000 for the high school that hosted the prom, and the third place winners (earning the third highest number of online votes) will each be awarded a $2,000 scholarship and $2,000 for their prom hosts. The remaining seven couples will each receive a $500 scholarship and $500 for their school. Honorable Mentions and Duck Tape prize packs will be awarded to the winners of six additional accessory categories including –best duct tape purse, corsage, shoes, tie, jewelry and other props.

Over the past 11 years, more than 6,330 students from all 50 U.S. states and seven Canadian provinces have taped, tucked and attended prom in duct tape attire.
To view all entries in the 2011 Stuck at Prom Contest or to vote for your favorite couple, visit www.stuckatprom.com. Online voting is limited to one vote per valid email address per day. Winners will be announced on or about July 13.

Tim's daugher, Jana, is an accomplished jazz singer (and a music teacher by profession). With her band, the Jana Nyberg Group, Jana and her husband, Jazz Trumpeter, Adam Meckler, have just produced their second album. This one, titled "Fever", will be released in August and features some jazz standards, pop covers and original music - something for everyone. You can download two free songs from the new album at JanaJazz.com and hear a sampling of the other tunes on the CD as well.

One of Tim's paintings - "Fever" - is featured on the cover. You can also visit Tim's g42art.com web site to see all kinds of his paintings from abstracts to humorous portraits and landscapes. You can buy prints of his originals or reproductions in any size that you desire. Oh, and attend a "virtual opening" at Tim's g42art.com - with easily navigatable hallways that are labeled according to the genre of art posted. And, you will be greeted with a video by Tim. Hey, if you don't have anything to do why not stop by right now... just click here.

(A showcase of weird stuff that our friend Dale comes up with.) Visit Dale's TallToysTroupe site.

The bartender says, "I'm sorry, we don't serve time travelers here."
A guy walks into a bar. - Thanks to Juniper P.

It seems to me that the most effective noise for an alarm clock to make in order to guarantee that one will immediately get out of bed is that of an animal or a child throwing up.

Here's a helpful hint for living for those of you sending your kids to camp this summer - When figuring out the costs, don't forget to factor in the trips to the emergency room.

I could sense from the chanting of, "Four legs good, two legs bad", that perhaps I chose the wrong day to visit the zoo.

Home Depot gives out free sample pieces of hardwood flooring. Holiday shopping for relatives solved - decorative and functional hardwood coaster assortments.

How come Batman has all these high tech cars and electronic equipment and they still have to get in touch with him by shining a spotlight in the sky? Is it going to kill Gotham City's budget for the Commissioner to buy him a cell phone?

Imagine how much harder life would be if the next Kleenex didn't automatically pop out of the box.

Me to my 7 year old son: I don't really want you to be playing that video game, it's just a lot of shooting and killing.
My 7 year old son: But, Dad, they are just zombies, they are already dead.

If you remove a tag from a mattress, you had better be careful of getting arrested by under cover cops.

Rather than buying those non skid things for the bottom of the shower, you can get the same effect by just letting the dirt build up. A couple of months ought to do it.

Another in the list of things I have never heard anyone say - "Hey, a car alarm is going off. I think I will go and see if someone's car is getting broken into. Maybe I can help."

I don't have a cat so a lot of tuna juice gets wasted.

If someone rambles on about something and says that they are just thinking out loud and then you tell them that you wish they would just stop talking and get away from you, is it an acceptable explanation to say, "I was just thinking out loud"?

It's a shame that they have to kill the whole Trom just to get the bones.

If I ever owned the world's largest pasta store, I think I would have a separate room for each kind of macaroni just so that I would call one "The Elbow Room".

I would never order an "Everything Bagel". I want to have some legal recourse if I find a dead mouse in it.

It's not every day my wife tells me how sexy I am.
Today is no exception.

I think that people who work in the unemployment office really have it bad. If they lose their job, they still have to go there.

(see photo on the right) And here is an interesting product (package reads: "holds 22 stuffed jalapenos with folding legs"). Now if I can just find some Jalepenos with folding legs. - Thanks to Amelia A.

dale's website discoveries:

This was just too good not to post. Just make sure you have about 17 minutes of uninterrupted time to watch it. I'm guessing that won't be a problem to most of my readers. click here (actually, Tim highly recommends this one, too - GREAT film!)

This one speaks for itself, albeit thrrough a translator. click here

What the heck. Let's make all the website discoveries this time be videos. Besides, I bet you could use some inspiration. click here

Make 'em Laugh!
Always wish that you could do stand up comedy? Have crowds laughing at your every joke? Now you can in the privacy of your own home with VirtualRimShot.com - just click to the page and choose one of six buttons to add rimshots and laughter to your jokes. Or, use it when your weird Uncle Harry brings out his arsenal of lame jokes you've hear over the years...

Here's one more sound effect page that you may wish to access... especially if you have a friend that's a drama queen/king and is always telling overly dramatic stories... DramaButton.com.

Bohemian Rhapsody Fans
You'll enjoy this four-guy rendition (performed in a VW Polo). By Finnish street musicians, Porkka Playboys. click here to enjoy

Have fun!

Shhh! Don't tell ANYONE! (okay - go ahead and tell everyone)
Here is the secret link to our HUGH JASS deal:
You get Duct Tape Books Two and Three, AND a Duct Tape Halloween Book AND Tim's 99 Bottles of Beer on the wall - the complete lyrics, AND a Duct Tape Pro Bumper Sticker AND Button. Over $33 of merchandise for just $12 plus shipping. Click here NOW to get this deal for yourself!

here's one from our friend Joel Hodgson

A Hollywood screenwriter was fed up with the Hollywood scene... Parties all the time, constant phone calls and lunches with producers, celebrity nonsense, poparatzi... he couldn't concentrate on his writing so he moved to a quiet cabin in the mountains of Northwest Wyoming.

The move was the best thing he ever did. He was writing prolifically. Every morning around 10am he'd walk the mile-long path down the mountainside to have a cup of coffee at the local diner. And every day as he was walking down the path, he'd pass a burly mountain man - a Grizzly Adams-looking guy only he weighed in well over 300 pounds.

After about two weeks of passing this guy on the path he thought, I see him every day - I should probably say "hi" to the guy. So, this time when he saw the burly bearded man lumbering up the path he greeted him.

"Mornin'." he said cheerfully.

"Hey! You're new in town ain't cha?!" said the man in a booming gravelly voice that perfectly matched his rough appearance.

"Yes, I moved from Hollyw..."

"Hey! I'm havin' a party at my house tonight!" the huge man interupted. "Why don't you come on over?! It'll be lots of fun...There'll be drinkin', fightin', kissin', there'll be games, wrastlin', singin'... Come on over will ya?! Like I said, LOTS of fun!"

"Well, sure, I guess I could come over." replied the writer. "What should I wear?"

The burly dude slapped the writer on the back and loudly proclaimed, "Hell, I don't care what ya wear - it's just gonna be the two of us!"

(on the right) Signs - Expanded We can't find the originator of these expanded views of road signs, but think they were worth posting here. Kind of similar to one of Tim's creations: Mr. Know-It-All's Guide to Signs.

Painting with Jön Finally (and, an up-front warning, projectile vomiting may ensue), Tim has created a new art instructor character who parodies those educational television painting instructors (like Bob Ross). The character is named, Jön (pronounced yawn) Jinkelheimer. The series of videos (two at this typing) may be found at PaintingWithJon.com. Viewers will note that Jön has a little bit of trouble handling most of his "reference material." Disclaimer for our impressionable youth: Jön is really consuming apple juice and/or iced tea and not the amount of booze he appears to be drinking. Doing that would have serious side effects - like passing out, or worse.

If you haven't figured it out yet, our site is pretty danged MASSIVE! We invite you to browse around. A good place to start is at our refrigerator door - just start clicking on stuff and seeing what you find.

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May the Tape be with you!
- Jim and Tim - The Duct Tape Guys

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