April and May 2008

This is duct tape at its best...
We were delighted to find this video - an excellent testament to the many uses of duct tape - made by some guys who apparently have WAY too much time on their hands. It's like Rube Goldberg meets Duct Tape. To watch this CRAZY contraption, click here.

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We always include this handy little pull-down menu in our newsletter and on our main page. This is an easy way for you to explore the world's most massive online tribute to duct tape:

DUCT TAPE Photo Safari

What no takers? We can't believe that NOBODY is interested in documenting duct tape uses in our PHOTO SAFARI CONTEST! So, here's yet another reminder about our new contest... Look at the 2008 above. Notice how it looks like four rolls of duct tape? We won't see a year with more rolls of duct tape in it until 2088. So grab your digital camera and go on a DUCT TAPE SPOTTING PHOTO SAFARI! Get shots of any duct tape sighting you come upon in your daily life and email them to us. We'll post them on our Duct Tape Sighting pages and possibly put them into a future next book that's in the works. The duct tape usage doesn't have to be that obvious - in fact, it will be a challenge for our readers to spot the duct tape in every photo. There's your assignment, now go out and start seeing duct tape!
THE PRIZE for the best duct tape sighting of the year - is a complete set of autographed Duct Tape Books and our video. Heck, we'll probably even throw in an item of apparel for you. So start snappin' your photos!

Watch the Duct Tape Guys on YouTube
In case you didn't visit our YouTube site, you're missing a lot of great Duct Tape Guy videos from our past television appearances, out-takes, goofball antics, etc.. We're working on getting a video of our entire half-hour stand-up show (Which should be posted in June by Father's Day.) And, if you have any video of the duct tape guys in action, please pass it by us first before you post it on YouTube - we want to keep the Duct Tape Guy (crud) quality to everything out there that represents us. Okay? Thanks.

Duct Tape Music
Check out our original Duct Tape Music page(s). This month we introduce someone new to us, who did a killer job nailing a duct tape song - scroll down to the Leslie Dripps band on our music pages.

Shameless Musical Plug
And, in other music (jazz): There is no duct tape involved (except on their instruments and cases), but Tim's daughter (Jana - on vocals and flute) and son-in-law (Adam - on Turmpet) released their first CD. Jazz lovers can click to JanaJazz.com for a sampling - and can order the CD online. Tim's son, Jake, is also playing percussion on the disc.

Fun with Junk Mail
When you get "ads" enclosed with your phone or utility bill, return these "ads" with your payment. Let the sending companies throw their own junk mail away.

When you get those "pre-approved" letters in the mail for everything from credit cards to 2nd mortgages and similar type junk, do not throw away the return envelope. Most of these come with postage-paid return envelopes, right? It costs them more than the regular first class postage "IF" and when they receive them back. It costs them nothing if you throw them away! And, why not get rid of some of your other junk mail by putting it in these cool little, postage-paid return envelopes, too.

Dale's Discoveries
(A monthly feature that will be showcasing weird stuff that our friend Dale comes up with.) Visit Dale's TallToysTroupe site

I saw a camper called a "Mobile Traveler". Is it just me, or is that a little redundant?

If a goldfish will really grow to the size of its container, what would happen if you released some into one of the Great Lakes?

When the writers were on strike how come their picket signs weren't blank?

At the Denver Museum of Natural History they have a video at the entrance to the Native People exhibit of people from the groups represented welcoming  you to the exhibit in their native languages. I wonder if, years from now, they will have an exhibit of the Bronx and have videos of people saying, "Hey, how ya doin? Forgetaboutit!".

When  you are at a zoo,  how long are you supposed to spend looking in the cage before you finally realize that there is no animal in there? Do you always take one more look before you move on just to be sure? Yeah, me too.

Apparently the style now is to have exposed belly buttons. I had no idea how far ahead of his time my Uncle was.

Dale's Website Discovery of the Month

This is something that will keep you fascinated for hours. Not only can you get a satellite picture of almost anywhere on Earth, you can also get an aerial photograph. A friend of mine was able to tell that the new owners of his house remodeled the lower level. That's how good the resolution is! I wonder what is next. atlas.freshlogicstudios

Jim and Tim's Cool Website Finds
Not to be outdone by Dale, we're gonna post our own web finds. First - do you know what a Theremin is? Remember that Beach Boys song - Good Vibrations - and the wierd o-o-o-o-o-o-o sound? Well, thanks to Pamela Kurstin, it's grown up... Watch Untouchable Music on Ted Talks click here.

And, a prank on a "grand" scale. Over 200 people gathered at Grand Central Station in New York to pull off a 'frozen in place' act. The onlooking travelers who weren't part of the act were mystified as to what was going on.
Check out "Frozen in Grand Central Station" click here.a This was is production of improv everywhere

Quote of the Month
"The scientific theory I like the best is that the rings of Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline baggage."
- Mark Russell, Comedian

Meet us at The Duct Tape Diner. We’ve had some great stories over the counter at the Duct Tape Diner recently. If you haven’t yet read the Diner contributions, stop by! This is where we invite our visitors to share their own duct tape stories. Just like these people did:

How to "Turn Off" a Skunk I have a friend that has a commercial greenhouse.  There are fans built into the wall near the floor and the ceiling to circulate air and maintain the temperature and humidity for the plants.  One morning, my friend came out to the greenhouse and there was a large skunk stuck in one of the fans.  Fortunately, and amazingly, it had not sprayed, as that would have seriously affected the retail value of the flowers in the greenhouse.  After much thought and debate about "what to do, what to do" the gathering crowd of onlookers, employees and interested persons decided that since a skunk can't spray unless it can fully raise its tail,  someone would duct tape the skunk's tail in the down (and off) position.  Once this was accomplished, my friend still had a stuck skunk in his fan.  He tried pulling and pushing, but to no avail.  He then dumped water on the misfortunate duct taped critter and squirted some dish soap on it.  He was able to back it out of the fan, and into a waiting garbage can.  He then took it to the Ranger Station, for a release into a more wild area.  Can you imagine the Ranger when he opened the garbage can to find a wet, sudsy, really really PO'ed skunk with its' butt taped shut.  Wonder how he got the tape off?  This is my best use for duct tape story. - Carol Adams

The weakest link - reinforce with duct tape...
They've fixed the problem now with a fancy magnetic break-away power cord, but in the old Mac Powerbooks, the weakest link was the power adapter cord which constantly broke (DUH! - Fire that guy!) Jim came up with a great solution. Super duct tape the power cord connector so it can't bend. Sure, it looks dorky, but it works. High tech meets NO tech!

Duct Tape Dummy for Pepto Commercial
Something for all the low-budget filmmakers out there. We had to create fake legs to film our ad "Enter the Pepto". Put on tights... cover your legs with duct tape... cut the tights/duct tape off your legs... tape up the cuts... stuff the shell with newspaper... and voila... dummy legs (see attached). We dressed them in some pants and shoes and used them to shoot this Pepto Bismol commercial: click here.

Grandpa, what's that? When we last visted my dad he had duct tape covering the bottom part of his TV which is always tuned to CNN. My son asked him, "Grandpa, what's the duct tape doing on the bottom of your television screen?" He replied, "Oh, that covers up them dang words that keep movin' across the bottom there... they make me dizzy!" Good think'in, Dad!

Musical Gum Shoe I play in an old time string band (The Roller Mills String Band). This past summer, we were playing on a stage where someone before us had chewed some gum and it was right in the middle of the stage where the band plays. After I stepped in it, I got it off my shoe, but I could not get it off the stage surface and was concerned that I would continue to step in it. So, I just took out my trusty duct tape and put a strip over the gum. - Dale P., The Roller Mills String Band

Pot Luck Humor Smörgasbord

Finding the perfect job:

My first job was working in an orange juice factory, but I got canned because I couldn't concentrate.
Then I worked in the woods as a lumberjack, but I just couldn't cut it, so they gave me the ax.
After that I tried to be a tailor, but I just wasn't suited for it, mainly because it was a sew-sew job.
Next I tried working in a muffler factory but that was too exhausting.
Then I tried to be a chef -- figured it would add a little spice to my life but I just didn't have the thyme.
I attempted to be a deli worker, but any way I sliced it, I couldn't cut the mustard.
My best job was being a musician, but eventually I found I wasn't noteworthy.
I studied a long time to become a doctor, but I didn't have the patients.
Next was a job in a shoe factory; I tried but I just didn't fit in. That was my sole complaint.
I became a professional fisherman, but discovered that I couldn't live on my net income. I wasn't even making scale.
I managed to get a good job working for a pool maintenance company, but the work was just too draining.
So then I got a job in a health club, but they said I wasn't fit for the job. So it didn't work out.
Then I got a job as a geologist, but got fired because I took everything for granite.
After many years of trying to find steady work I finally got a job as a historian until I realized there was no future in it.
My last job was working at Starbuck's, but I had to quit because it was always the same old grind.
o, I retired - and I found that I'm PERFECT for the job!

Smart boss + smart employee = profit
Smart boss + dumb employee = production
Dumb boss + smart employee = promotion
Dumb boss + dumb employee = overtime

The color of happiness
Attending a wedding for the first time, a little girl whispered to her mother, "Why is the bride dressed in white?" "Because white is the color of happiness, and today is the happiest day of her life." The child thought about this for a moment, then said, "So why is the groom wearing black?"

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May the Tape be with you!
- Jim and Tim - The Duct Tape Guys

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