Below are the DUCT TAPE related songs that we know of. Thanks to the musicians and fans that have sent us lyrics, music, and other information.

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Before we dive into some Duct Tape Music, we have to pay tribute to the Ibanez Guitar Company who has developed a duct tape guitar! It's a basswood body hand wrapped in duct tape and finished in high-gloss poly. See and learn about this guitar by clicking here.

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This one just in from JB and the Moonshine Band:
Duct Tape
We love it, but these guys sure to talk funny. But then, who are we to talk about talking funny?

(above: JB and the Moonshine Band)

Here are Tim's favorites from the 2003 entries in the "Rock about the Roll"
song contest sponsored by Duck® brand tape:

Artist Name: Something To Do
2004 Winners:
Title: When I'm Stuck I turn to Duck Tape
Length: 2:33 City: Waukesha, WI

Artist Name: The Killer Biscuits
Title: The Gift of a Lifetime
Length: 3:13 City: USAF Academy, CO

Artist Name: Eskimo Tailor
Title: The Duck Tape Song
Length: 3:01 City: Strongsville, OH

Artist Name: Andrew Huang
Sticky McDuctalot
2:10 City: North York, ONT

Here are the winners of the 2002 "Rock about the Roll"
duct tape song contest sponsored by Duck® brand tape:

1st Place: Artist Name: Vitallus
Title: I Never Get Stuck
Time: 2:34
City: North Olmsted, OH

2nd Place: Artist Name: Matthew Graham & Miranda Skaggs
Title: Roll of Grey
Time: 3:41
City: College Station, TX

3rd Place: Artist Name: Mike Bell
Title: Duct Tape U.S.A.
Time: 2:35
City: Cincinnati, OH

To Honorable Mentions: Artist Name: Karenodie
Title: The Duck Tape Queen
Time: 1:26
City: Eagle River, AK

Artist Name: Freezepop
Title: Duct Tape My Heart
Time: 3:59
City: Boston, MA

To hear other entries, Click here.

Above a duct tape drum set and guitar made by Jamie F. of Webster, MA.

"Duct Tape Universe"
by Phil Keaggy on the CD "Phil Keaggy-Uncle Duke"
Lyrics posted here.
Take a Listen!
Available only at his web site:
or by phone at 800-66-GUITAR

Duct Tape Mummy
Electronica Musician Will Jacobsen
Hear his music on

Duct Tape My Heart
Chinese Theatre Remix by Krister Petersson from Sweden
Take a Listen!

Duct Tape - by Doebel
A quirky munchkin techno dance mix
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Duct Tape
by Kenny Sinner
© 2002 BMI
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Duct Tape
by David Christopher Patmore and the Bobcats - Live at la Cocina del Puerco
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Duct Tape Madrigal in C Major
Lou Nathanson
Take a Listen (partial)!

"Daddy Fixed The Dog With Duct Tape".
by Keith W. Morris
(contact Keith if you want to partner with him with your melody:

Now my Daddy he's real smart
Can fix most anything.
He fixed my bike real good one day
And my momma's diamond ring.
He don't have a lot of tools
Or any fancy crap.
All he's got is his smarts
And that magic gray wrap!

Daddy fixed the dog with duct tape
Didn't know Dutch was broke.
He don't even try to wander
Much past his 10-foot rope.
Cause Daddy fixed the dog with duct tape
Dad can fix anything.
Oh yes, Daddy fixed the dog with duct tape
You should hear ole Dutch sing!

I already did mention
That my Daddy he's real smart.
Why, just the other day
He went out and fixed the car.
The car it looks real good now
Even with the patch of gray.
Cause Daddy he fixed the car
And all he used was duct tape!


Now Mommy she had a complaint
'bout the washer and the dryer.
The ones she had before these
Went up in a smoky fire.
So, Daddy got out his special tools
His big roll of gray.
Daddy was about to go to work
And he has his duct tape!


The roof it sprung a leak one day
We were gettin' wet inside.
Daddy he went into action
You could see him swell with pride!
He had all he really needed
Ain't my Daddy great?
He's gonna fix our leaky roof
Using nothing but duct tape!


My Daddy climbed that ladder
Boy ain't Daddy brave?
He's gonna fix that leaky roof
And we'll all be saved.
Suddenly the ladder broke
Daddy fell to the ground.
He screamed "why did I use that lousy glue?
When duct tape was around??"


Daddy he can fix anything
He could fix me or you.
As long as he's got his duct tape
He can make gray skies.....................grayer!

"Duct Tape Blues" by Rick Hohensee
Email Rick and tell him you dug his tune on!
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© copyright 2001 Rick (Richard Allen) Hohensee
Released for free redistribution via electronic networks only.
Redistribution rights via transport of physical media reserved.

Caint find my duct tape
you know my world be fallin apart
said I cannot find my duct tape
my world be steady fallin apart
they tryin to sell me a gallon of Elmer's Glue
I ain't ready for no brand new start

It's strong and it's sticky
and it means so much to me
it's coherent, cohesive
you know that's just the thing I need
I looked in the icebox I looked in all my dirty socks
and I said
lawdy where do my duct tape be?

life without duct tape
ain't nothin I deserve
a life completely devoid of duct tape
surely no poor boy deserve
gonna call up the President
he got to have a strategic reserve

New Jersey Rocker Billy Hector's new CD is called Duct Tape Life. --- Roger

Leslie Dripps Band (pop piano, pop and sass) Duct Tape
click here for MP3 file ©2007 Lesllie Moruza Dripps

Bob Stanhope's Duct Tape Love Song
click here for MP3 file ©1999

The Duct Tape Queen
click here for MP3 file ©

How about the song "Tape Your Wife to the Ceiling" by Minneapolis new wavers,
The Suburbs? You probably listen to that one everyday. --- Peter H.
Actually, I had forgotten about that song. Thanks - don't think it was duct tape... then again - no other tape probably would have held.

"Things Duct Tape Can't Fix"
listen to quicktime, listen to mp3
© by Bret Price, Libby, Montana
We gotta take issue with your song, Bret - we can pretty much fix all the stuff you've mentioned in your song - no problem. Nice licks, though.
"My Duct Tape Darlin’"
by Back to Basics/Brian Daniels/Big Bull Music, BMI
11 C Street, Brunswick, Me 04011
contact: Gene Groves - e-mail:

"Duct Tape Blues"
by Michigan songwriter, Joel Mabus.
This song is available on his live album, "The Naked Truth" available on Fossil Records
P.O. Box 4754 East Lansing, MI 48826-4754.
Hey! Joel just hooked us all up with a FREE download of this song newly updated for the new millennium
Just click here.

Watch Dave Sherman perform Joel's "Duct Tape Blues" in his You Tube video.

Greg Brown has a Duct Tape Song titled, "Duct Tape Blues"
you can purchase it by clicking to Greg’s web site.

"The Perfect Gift" by Washington State's Terry Anderson
(a.k.a. Dr. Dirty) and the Band du Jour
This song is available on a cassette with another Duct Tape Blues song that Dr, Dirty created at the request of Jim and Tim, the Duct Tape Guys:"The Duct Tape Junkie Blues" you can get ordering information by clicking here.

The Duct Tape Song by Bev Seinberg
available on her cassette "Lost and Found" - you can order from her for $5.00 plus $1.00 for shipping and handling. Mail to: Bev Seinberg, 25 South St., Ballston Spa NY 12020

That Silver Fix It All by Rudy Darling
"Past Due and Playable" -- "Bluegrass With Interest"
PDP-002CD Contact: Past Due and Playable 14086 Mandolin Way, Nevada City, CA 95959
916-265-4328 or 916-265-8672.

Mr. Whitekeys has been doing duct tape schtick in words and music as part of his act in Alaska for twenty years. You can order a tape of his recordings from the Fly by Night Club 3300 Spenard Road, Anchorage, Alaska 99503 or phone (907)249-7726. Sorry, don't know prices or specific titles - if you do, let us know and we'll update this.
Duct Tape and Cherrios
by Mike Greger of Toronto, Canada.
We don't know where to get this song, but apparently is is the sorry tale of a man whose wife is addicted to crack and their lives are falling apart. He threatens to duct tape her in a chair and feed her Cherrios with a spoon to keep her away from dealers.

Peter Krug, in Guerneville, CA, has a song called Duct Tape.
The chorus is:

Duct Tape, what would we do without
Duct Tape, couldn't muddle through without
Duct Tape, it's all the rage

Duct Tape, couldn't get by without
Duct Tape, praise it to the skies
It's the number one miracle of our modern age

And has four verses involving emergency repair situations, including a crashed space ship.
To contact Peter, he's Peter Krug, 17926 Santa Rosa Road, Guerneville, CA 95446.

Know of any others? Send us an e-mail with the specifics.