Your instrument case protects your cherished instrument. What better product to trust a case mending job to than good old duct tape? They don't call it Rock and Roll Tape for nothing! Send us a photo of you and YOUR case. Include your name and band/ensemble name and state. Thanks!
(above) Not wanting to spend $50 to $100 on a guitar case, Nick Koogler spent $15 on a few rolls of duct tape to make this durable case for his guitar. Good thinkin' and nice work, Nick.

(below) Jared H's guitar finish crapped out on him, so he got out a couple of rolls of duct tape and covered the whole thing - even the fret board. He says it still sounds as good as the day he got it!

DUCT TAPE CLARINET REPAIR by Blackwood Tom Schmidt of The Port City Jazz Band and The Washboard Wizardz

With The Washboard Wizardz I was backstage at Misawa AFB in Japan, about ten minutes before our show for about 700 US Air Force people was scheduled to start. I started to warm up my clarinet when it made a funny bloop, very different from the usual bleeps. I looked it over and to my horror and noticed I had blown out the cork I used to block a tone hole. I should explain that the clarinet has several alternative fingerings, therefore keys and tone holes, for almost every note. One of the keys I never use, and since it is in the way I removed it a plugged the hole with a small cork. (Artie Shaw famously had customized clarinets made for him without this same tone hole.) So I'm crawling around backstage desperately looking for the cork, the buzz from the eager audience ratteling around my brain.

Well I found it. For a moment it seemed like a miracle. But when I put it back in place I discovered that it had shrunk to the point where it would no longer stay in place. I looked around, desperate. On a desk in the corner I saw a roll of ducttape. I tore off a patch and slapped it over the hole. It worked great and we had a terrific concert. That was about a year ago. I've been so pleased with the ducttape that I've never removed it. To me it loooks like a silver badge on the side of my clarinet.

(left) Nick "PK" House, the guitarist for Last Of A Dying Breed (North Carolina) submitted these creations.
Amps and speakers go through some tough situations. The Tolex or carpet coverings on regular amp heads and cabs don't hold up so well. So when one of our pieces of equipment gets a "scratch" or "boo-boo" I just throw a "band-aid" of duct tape on it.

(we think Prince would like the purple amp!)

(left) Watching a YouTube video of Katrina and the Waves performing "Walking on Sunshine" we couldn't help but notice the duct tape on the bottom of the ride cymbal.
(left, above and right) But, giving everyone a run for their money (or duct tape, as the case may be) is the junk rock band from Portland, Oregon, "Hillstomp" check out these five images from this duct tape duo!
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(below left) MelanieJane's (Purgatory Hill) tambourine gets a hot pink Duck Tape® fix.