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Duct Tape is art in and of itself. It is intrinsically beautiful either on or off of the roll. But, if you're like us, and we know we are, you just can't stop yourself from creating stuff with duct tape. This gallery is dedicated to the presentation of Duct Tape Art. Send your photos to our curator and you may see your art displayed here, too. --- The Duct Tape Guys
(above) "Triptych" by Tim Nyberg (the Duct Tape Guy) this item is for sale, click here.

(left) "Duck Tape"
©1996 by Will Bullas - available from
Greenwich Workshop
as a framed print.

Or, check out
Will Bullas’ fun website!
Click here for a sneak peek at Will’s sequel to "Duck Tape..." called "Duck Tape Unbound..."

(above) Tim fashioned this sportcoat for Red Green. He promptly said it was "the ugliest thing he had ever seen" and auctioned it off at a public television fund raiser. It brought $1000. (Heck, it was worth at least $2000!)

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(above) "Duct Work" by Tim Nyberg 12" by 38" (This item is for sale, click here for details).
(left) Truly a functional piece of art by Michael in Indiana. The "Klebeband Schuh" (Duct Tape Shoe) was made for Michael's German class. Germans get shoes full of candy on December 6th instead of in Christmas stockings. Good plan! We're gonna move to Germany and make size 20 wide for our candy!

(right) Jordan Olsen of Falcon Heights, Minnesota, totally recovered the upholstery in his 1973 Checker Marathon with duct tape, hence coining the phrase "Duct and Roll" upholstery. Is this art? We think so!

To see the Bubble Wrapped exterior, click to Duct Tape Bizarre.

(left) The Duct Tape Guys’ most tasteful art piece to date. They got together with a guy named Michael Angelo (something like that) and created this new masterpiece. Click on the art to see a larger version. (this one is available as a t-shirt or signed and dated unframed print at the Duct Tape Pro Shop.
See the Duct Tape Guys‘ "ART' in motion - click the ticket stub.
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