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Duct Tape Accessorizing
(left) Jessica Cappiello proudly displays her Duct Tape Accessories. Check out the quality workmanship (workwomanship) of her duct tape evening bag, schoolbag (insert shows bag innards) and wallet. Jessica proves once again that duct tape is gender-neutral! Click here to see more duct tape fashion accessories.
(left) This was Will Bullas’s 2000 Calendar “Taped Duck”.
Check out
(above right) A Duct Tape on the Web Exclusive: a sneak peek at Will’s sequel to “Duck Tape...” called
“Duck Tape Unbound...” Is this an answer to complaints from the animal rights activists who took offense at Will’s “Duck Tape”? The Duct Tape Guys assure you that no animals were injured in the creation of this art - and suggest that you lighten up a bit
(above and left) Duct Tape Art from students at the University of Alaska, Anchorage. Created for the Duct Tape Ball silent auction.
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