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above: Duct Tape Car - photos by Nicole de Beaufort
Pirates of the West Canada
(River, Holland Patent, NY)
Friends Joe "Capn' Crunch" Bessmer, Jim Okey and Earl Wilson created their water-worthy pirate ship "Three Sheets to the Wind" out of plywood (to stand on) and foam covered with close to two miles of duct tape. The Pirates of the West Canada (River) were always contenders in the Utica Zoo Snowfari (see their Box Buster work (left) in Duct Tape Art Gallery 9) but figured that it was a lot of work for one freezing cold day of fun, so they took to the water and the summertime for their current venure. Nice work guys!
Emma B. from Hawaii makes full use of the varied Duck brand colors in her Snoopy and Woodstock and Blue Rose creations. Note that the background of Snoopy is the new tie-dye duct tape from Duck brand. (above) - Duct Tape SUSHI! (Tim's fav and Jim's nightmare) by Jeff S. of Chicago, IL (photo by his sister, Erica (aka "Bean").
Dealing with illness through duct tape art.
This is a series of work done by by Jessica P. of Brooklyn, NY between 2009-2011. She writes: "Dealing with the entrapment and overwhelming feeling one can endure during both Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Crohn's Disease.

"I experience both of these illnesses and therefore must face these feelings on a day to day basis. I deal with these feelings by recreating them through my artwork.

"Stripes" is a series I created to express how my disease makes me feel both emotionally and physically. The patterns used and loud and contrasting in order to show the intensity of the emotions. The patterns begin to grow and take over spaces, walls and eventually myself to show how sometimes it feels as though the disease takes hold on me and swallows my body.

"By creating the disease in a physical art form, it creates a way that I can face the disease straight on and feel less threatened. By creating my illnesses, I feel more in control of them."

Click here to learn more about about Crohn's Disease.

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