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Duck® brand Duct Tape celebrated the 60th anniversary of duct tape and its patriotic past by unveiling the world's largest American flag made of duct tape in New York City's Union Square Park, June 13th, 2002. The flag was created by Canadian duct tape sculptor, Todd Scott. Scott's Duct Tape American Flag took more than 150 hours to make. It measures 50 x 95 feet and weighs more than 500 lbs. Scott used 1,120 rolls of 20-yard duct tape to make the flag, totaling more than 13 miles of tape. After the Flag Day celebration, the Flag joined the collection of Kit Hinrichs, whose collection of 3,500 American Flag related collectables travels to museums across the nation. See more of Todd Scott's duct tape creations here.
Daniel L. of New Britain, CT makes cars and trucks out of 100% pure duct tape.

(below, meercats and flamingos) - More Todd Scott creations created for the 2003 Duct Tape Ball in Anchorage, Alaska (click here to see more Ball info)

(right) This full-sized giraffe was created for the Cleveland Zoo Boo by Nick Hiltner, a student at the Cleveland Institute of Art. It took approximately 100 hours to make (including research and sketches) and is made with 30 rolls of Duck® tape.

(below) "Yearly at our school there is a duck competition. Students are asked to make a duck of any sort. We decided that a duct tape duck was in order, in honor of our technical director at the theatre where we work". -- Jenny and Amanda, Walla Walla, Washington

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