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(top photo by Micahel Lai)

Duck® brand duct tape hosted a gala event at the Columbus Zoo on September 20th, 2003 announcing three new colors of duct tape. There were over 60 incredibly colorful lifesized and larger- than-life animals made with Duck® duct tape by students at Columbus College of Art and Design, the Cleveland Institute of Art, Cuyahoga Community College and Todd Scott, Canadian Duct Tape Sculptor. The colorful animals were an exciting way to show off Duck® brand's large palette of colors and helped introduce Steel Blue, Gold, and Maroon duct tape. You can see all of the colors and vote on the new colors here.

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(Left) Mike and Ashley, creators of the Whale are from the Columbus College of Art and Design. (below) Jetta poses with a scary duct tape gorilla.
(below) Other than size, sometimes it was hard to tell the duct tape animals from the real thing.

Make a visit to where you can vote (through November 20, 2003) on your favorite new color. Will Gold, Maroon, or Steel Blue join the Duck brand color pallet next year?
Who won the Columbus Zoo sculpture contest? Here are the results of the judging:

1st place:
Porcupine, Cleveland Institute (CIA) of Art, Katie Addcox and Peter Kurtz

2nd place: Macaw, Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD), Adam Ohern, Nik Evans, Derrick Rollins

3rd place: Angel Fish in Kelp, CIA, Jason Leach

Award of Excellence:
Firefly, CIA, Lindsey Parker and William Turnbull

Honorable Mentions:
1. Seal, TRI-C, Ignatio Ortiz and Allen Phillips
2. Tortoise, CIA, Eric Aites, Dustin Cesen, and Taylor Maida
3. Australian Flamingo, CIA, Colleen McCulla
4. Siberian Tiger, CIA, Raven
5. Alligator, CCAD, Jennifer Marsh, Carrie Bowman, Nathan Slaughter, Angie Clison, Mylly Strine
6. Komodo dragon, CCAD, Amar Khanna, Jesse DelGigante, Robbie Beroset