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I'm a 26 year old artist from Portland, OR, currently residing in Pensacola, FL. I've been making duct tape art since I was young, but the inspiration to make duct tape canvases is a relatively new thing for me. I've been active in the Pensacola art community, a factor that
greatly influences my artwork. Lately, Ive been creating pop-art inspired celebrity portraits, as well as work inspired by my home on the Gulf of Mexico. I've lately been featured in Pensacola's Gallery Night, as well as galleries in Oregon and Missouri.

The photo on e left was taken at Portland Saturday Market in Portland, Oregon. I'm the girl in the fountain, the stuff in front is my artwork. While I generally appreciate duct tape more for its artistic merit, I'm not afraid to say I've used strips off my pieces during emergencies to fix shoes, hold up pants, and, once, to make a device to break into my truck after I left the keys on the dash... Duct tape is an art and an ethos. - Jaimie Tucker

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