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Leonardo, the lion fish, is a papier mache' project where the fins (over 30 of them) are made entirely from duct tape, attached with duct tape to the body, spray painted gold and then hand painted with metallic paint. He is approximately 22" long and was constructed around an empty plastic bottle base.

He is smiling because he loves the reaction he gets from children when they see him. (Ordinarily, lion fish have a rather gloomy expressions).

Thanks,Vicki Vance. An incredible job!
(Who proves once again that duct tape is gender neutral.)

On the right is Tim’s Xtreme Pyroduckasaurus (Xtreme Fire Dragon) - made of Duck® brand’s Xtreme Tape (now called X-Factor). The hot colors were perfect for the fire and the vivid green and citron made for good "skin." The other name Tim considered was “Duck the Magic Dragon.”
Fancy Deluxe Duct Tape Creations
Emilie Autumn has created stuff from duct tape for ten years... here are three of her creations. Check out her other artsy stuff at her website: Well Worth a Visit!
Duct Tape Floral
Josh of Colorado created this boutonniere from duct tape.
Dolphin Bird Lobster
(below) Sarah C. of Boston, MA fashioned the creature below from duct tape. Is this bird indigenous to the northeastern US? We’ll be doing more research and let you know.
Duct Tape Nude
by a student of the University of Alaska, Anchorage. This sculpture was made for a silent auction at the Duct Tape Ball.
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