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Canadian Duct Tape Art, Eh!
The art on the left was created by students of the Ontario College of Art and Design for the Toronto Toronto, Ontario, World Wide Duck Tape Days which was part of Harbourfront Centre’s JVC Jazz Weekend.

The winner of the $2000 prize was the duct tape marionette (lower left of the montage).

The white wedding dress (right) was also created for this exhibit. See more duct tape fashion in our fashion pages.

Alaskan Pie Wench
(below) Our friend Charlene sent us this photo of a Duct Tape Lady at the Snow Goose Brewery in Anchorage, Alaska. Apparently she has the duty of schlemping the cream pie dessert to guests.

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Duck Boat Wins the Crowd
Sean H., Lee K., and Sean McK. of Coventry & Cranston, RI made this really ducky boat for an Art Boat competition. They used ten rolls of duct tape, chicken wire, and... well, click here to see more photos and get the whole store at Sean's web site.
Jerry Mischak
(above) Jerry is the Dean of Faculty at Brown University. His sculpture medium is duct tape and mixed media. On the left is "Stool", 1999. Click here to read an article about Jerry Mischak.
James Schroeder
(right) James is from Rome, Georgia. His Duct Tape Jesus shows off his duct tape sculpting ability.
(right) Ulvid is from Caldwell, New Jersey. He paints, sculpts (using duct tape and cardboard) and recently has been making these interesting layered and cut duct tape pieces. If you are interested in purchasing one of these pieces, you can contact Ulvid by clicking here.
(right) Brandyn B. made this awesome mask out of duct tape and nails. You can see other masks and costumes in the halloween gallery.

(left) Anna and Sarah made this cool duct tape and cardboard playhouse for their neighbor, Kaya.