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We were so impressed with Roy's duct tape sculptures that we gave him his own page. If you would like to contact Roy with kudos, or commissions, we're sure he'd love to hear from you.
Roy's email is:
Got some duct tape art that you are proud of? Click here for submission instructions.
Jenison College (MI) senior Fred Quillin sits with his project in his residence hall room in Robinson Hall. Quillin, unable to use paint, turned to tape to decorate his walls. He still has three other walls he intends to finish. “This is supposed to be my masterpiece,” Quillin said.
Left: Benson Bercovitz of West Boylston, MA recycled corks and used duct tape to create this colorful bar scene.

Below: Rianna Melton of Lawrence, Kansas, created these duct tape art pieces. Nice work, huh? The good thing about making duct tape art - you can't spill duct tape on the carpet when creating the images.