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Own a piece of original art by Tim Nyberg (aka Tim, the Duct Tape Guy)*. These two pieces are created to order and are totally original works of duct tape art. No two pieces are identical, each has a life of its own. Every piece of duct tape art is signed and dated. Shipping is included in the price (U.S. and Canada only, overseas shipping will be billed additionally). Allow three weeks for delivery. Call 651/493-0694 for purchase inquiries.
"Triptych" by Tim Nyberg Size: three panels, each 8.5" by 11" Price: $350
"Duct Work" by Tim Nyberg Size: 12" by 36" Price: $500
About the Artist

Tim Nyberg is a graduate of Bethel College, St. Paul, MN. He was a studio arts major with a concentration in illustration and graphic design. During his college career his preferred mediums were acrylic paint and plaster/mixed media. His illustration work has been featured for over twenty years in magazines, books, and corporate materials around the world.

Although Tim works in a variety of media, the common, identifying thread through all of his pieces have been texture and “underlife”. Tim explains, “I like looking at a piece of art and seeing that previous lives exist within the work. This apparent ‘evolution’ of the piece of art turns it from a static statement into a living, vital creation. Texture and color create the same vitality through rhythms both regular and irregular.”

Duct tape is a new art medium for Tim. Although as, “The Duct Tape Guy” he has gone through tons of duct tape during their prop comedy shows around the world, he had not until recently considered that it would make a viable art material. Through his experimentation, Tim found satisfation is seeing the pieces virtually build themselves creating the same rhythms and textures that he sought after in other media.

“These pieces of Duct Tape Art are alive with subtlety. They are both quiet and boisterous at the same time. They playfully react to the day’s changing light while projecting an unassuming dignity.”

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