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As Seen on the Web Humorous images and spoofs that have been sent to us (we just had to post them somewhere).

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Improbable.com Here’s an archive a wacky tests from the Annals of Improbable Research. This one features the U.S. Postal Service and the mailing of some pretty odd items (including the time it took to deliver them).



Bullshit Generator Tired of corporate-speak and ever-changing jargon? Create your own and pepper them into your inter-office communications. Sound important! Sound like an I.T. specialist.

Despair.com Great images that parody the Successories line of motivational products. All hilarious to view - all purchasable. A Must See!

Gobler Toys An elaborate and highly entertaining parody of a 1960's toy company complete with animated commercials. A must see for Baby Boomers!

Election Parody Apparel Is this an election that we would like to remember, or forget? If you want to remember it, check out this Election 2000 commemorative apparel page.

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• OFTEN UPDATED Drive-By Shootings (Phototoons and viewer- submitted weird signs that will make you start seeing things a little differently)

The Door Magazine Kind of a Christian Mad Magazine - unless you have an open mind and believe that God is bigger than the boxes we try to stuff Him in, don't bother checking out this site. If you are sick to death of Christians giving Christianity a bad name... check this out!

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ASK BOB (Bring your most difficult questions to Bob Schuck, General Specialist---He Knows Jack About All Trades.)

The Official BEANIE BASHER Web Site Where to tune on the web for some well-deserved Beanie Bashing!

TGA - The Tundra Golf Association sponsor ads - for specialized equipment needed to play a better round of winter golf.

MIDNIGHT in the GARDEN of... A Tour of the Midnight Gardens of Parodyville

Webigachi (The lovable internet pet)

The Mr. Chuck Show An enjoyable comic strip featuring Ned and Stumpy. Sponsored by Mrs. Pott’s meat Flavored Coffee.

ARNE GOTTUS (A gallery of this brilliant photographer's creations. A parody of Anne Geddes)

The Truss Wars (A true story)

Jokewallpaper.com snag some good parody and satire in the way of wallpaper, boot and start screens, etc. And read some scary lawyer stuff.

House of Gum Humor in Bubblegum? Absolutely! Check out the new gum products for starters.

Pablos Parodies (Including Adopt-a-Dog, the frizbee-catching Cyber Puppy and Crapco!)

Doug Anderson’s Web Parody (Includes Mr. Roger's Neighborhood Watch)

The Parody Pages Application to be God, MIME Insanity Institute, Fake Movie Posters, Psychic Blackmail, etc.

SITCOM HELL Ficticious sitcom listings and episode guides to sitcoms that would make you lose your TV Dinner.

Shop at the Parodyville General Store for humor apparel and name-brand designer apparel parodies.

Lark News A good source for Christian news. Parody... or is it?

Boeing Military Aircraft Warranty Card

Get Rich Quick! Franchise and biz opp scam parody site.

Angus O'Mann, Fast Food Poet

Internet Clock Finally, after years of work, computer science graduate students at The University of Poland have finally finished their Internet-based digital clock.

Peep Research an in depth and somewhat abusive look at our favorite Easter-time marshmallow candies.

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Painting with Jön A parody of those educational television channel painting instructors.

Mrs. Millard America Helpful Household Hints for Happy Homemakers (circa 1985 WLOLfm, Minneapolis).

Duck and Cover A new twist the cold war grade school drill.

ONLINE QUIZ Take our simple quiz - it's a highly effective measure of whether you have a life or not.

Biotektroniques.com An unbelievable optic-medical breakthrough giving colour vision to dogs!

Smart Car Alternatives You don't have to sacrifice style and performance...

Parodyville mini posters
A collection of cute little posters based on bizarre photos that we've found floating around the web. Feel free to rip them and pass them around.

Redesigned logos for recession times
A little collection of redesigned logos due to the current economic downturn (aka recession).

Amazing Diet Plans
Amazingly easy (amazingly stupid) diet plans. Created by Jim and Tim, the Duct Tape Guys

Ode to the Christmas Letter
Gotta love 'em - or, hate 'em as the case may be... People's need to send out the ubiquitous Christmas/Holiday letter. Parodyville has taken this opportunity to post one of the best (worst) we've come across. You may be tempted to pass it along to your own email list (anonymously of course).

JT NewMountain - Music Legend (?)
He is (was?) a visionary - a recluse, he spanned every genre of music and performance art. And now, The JT NewMountain Performance Art Preservation Society is scouring the internet to assemble a cumulative collection of his greatest works.

Redneck Amusement Park

Check your Receipts (a collection of sales slip oddities) - new - your submissions requested

Worst Album Covers Ever

Bush's Answer to the Gas Shortage

Winter Holiday Humor a collection of cartoons and winter humor (including the ever-popular animation, "What snowmen do in the off season.").

I've Got Yule Babe by Joel Kopischke - "Holiday music "Weird" Al Yankovic-style with hilarious results." - Gemma Tarlach, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Hear the worst rendition of Oh, Holy Night ever recorded (we recommend emptying your bladder first).

Big Truck, Small...

PracticalJokeBook.com samples from The Practical Jokers Handbook

Pranking the telemarketer Audio of an artful job of getting back at a burial plot telemarketer. More of these examples are in The Practical Jokers Handbook

Dishonest Dubya Lying Action Figure
This is humor - in a very tragic sort of way - since it is firmly based in reality.

DubyaThinks.com You've perhaps seen DubyaSpeaks.com (check it out if you haven't seen it) - here is our version.

The Best DUI arrest ever (Obviously staged - but pretty danged funny.)

Department of Homeland Security hints - brought to you by The Duct Tape Guys

RUDE AWAKENING - fart humor - so danged stupid, it's funny.

Cockeyed.com A massively large, amusing, and funny.

SLUGWAY - the personal transportation device that is going to change the world!

PalindromeList.com - I prefer pi - check out this nicely organized site and become familiar with palindromes.

The Suzuki Grand Viagra - the auto dealer has gone to new lengths to please customers' expanding needs.

Great Mobile Homes of Mississippi (and Dr. Bukk's teeth)

Nostradamus Fulfilled A parody of the Nostradamus prophecies.

Bush’s Answer to the Gas Shortage - scroll to the bottom of page two: As Seen on the Web.

Landover Baptist If you are offended by people parodying Christianity, don't click to Landover Baptist. If you are offended by the ridiculous stuff that is done in the name of Christianity, by all means, visit Landover Baptist!

BIG STUFF by the SIDE of the ROAD A new feature in our Driveby Shootings pages.

Duct Tape Guys’ Mega Mini Movies Not necessarily parody, but funny stuff in 2 minute weekly doses

How to NOT Leave a Phone Message - Real life offers some hilarious little nuggets.

JIMBO THE PSYCHIC SIDESHOW DUMMY Too amazing to pass up! Jimbo will astound you with his psychic abilities. NEW! Jimbo learned a card trick that will leave you dumbfounded!

Tim, the Duct Tape Guy’s EXCUSE page a hilarious list of excuses to use when you want a day off of work (submit your own, also).

Mr. Know-It-All’s Guide to SIGNS an incredibly useful online education in the meaning of roadsigns.

STUMP The Duct Tape Guy It’s kind of like a game show revolving around Duct Tape. Check it out, ask a question, if you Stump the Duct Tape Guy - you WIN a fabulous prize!

DoggyBags (Turn your beloved/deceased canine into an attractive piece of luggage.)

The Dialectizer A parody of Altavista's incredible Babelfish translater. This one translates your selected URL or text to Pig Latin, Swedish Chef, Redneck, and others.

DUMBENTIA - a nicely done bunch of original advertising and motivational poster parodies by Chris Condon.

Spam Bowling (A little recreation using America's favorite canned luncheon meat)

Cow Taping (Cow tipping for the new millennium)

Cookin' with Ken (Julia Child is virtually useless to bachelor chefs like Ken)

Deformed Logs
(A National Genetic Tragedy)

Helpful Household Hints for Happy Homemakers (Hints from Hell, Louise)

DISTRESSORIES (Parody of Successories that can be used as wallpaper.).

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