Jim and Tim, The Duct Tape Guys, provide this page as a public service to cows across America.
We were dismayed to hear that the ancient rural prank of “Cow Tipping” is still practiced today.
Cow Tipping isn’t giving a bovine waitress your spare change for the glass of milk that she delivered you.
Cow Tipping is sneeking up on unsuspecting cows and tipping them over.
This is extremely dangerous to the cow (usually resulting in death), and to the tipper who is caught by the farmer with shotgun in hand.
So, if you want to participate in a safer, more wholesome prank on neighbors’ holsteins,
we recommend:

Cow Taping

Cow Taping is accomplished by sneeking up on unsuspecting cows and covering them in duct tape.
Not only will this protect the cow from the ravages of foul weather and
the relentless attack of nasty, dirty, icky flies;
but also, the cow will instantly become the envy of all of the other cows in the pasture
because of her shiny new coat.*

Point of Interest:
More than a few farmers have informed us that they use duct tape to
fasten the cow’s tail to a hind leg to avoid being swished in the eye while milking.

*To those few humor-impaired animal rights activists out there who have expressed their disapproval of the concept of cow taping,
might we take this opportunity to remind you that THIS IS A JOKE.
We in no way imagine that anyone in their right mind would go out and waste a roll of duct tape on a cow.

If you would like to participate in Virtual Cow Taping, simply click on the cow below.

Cow photo ©Ron Kimball Stock - used with permission.



















There. Wasn't that fun? Want to try it again? Just click on the cow above.

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Thanks to Ron Kimball Stock Photography for the image of the cow (sans duct tape).
Ron Kimball Stock can be reached at 650/969-0682 or faxed at 650/967-0485.