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Parodyville's ode to the ubiquitous Christmas letter:

Greetings to our freinds on this happy Christmes ('08) time. The Dover family is getting older as you can see.
Trying to save some money on stamps this year, so trying out a emial christmes letter. Sorry.

MAry is doing well in her lite bulb business door to door - and shes thinkin about going onlien with it. I'm learnin to do web sites from a CD training course.
Chas is into biking and skate bording as you can see by him showin off his leg mussle. Hes still packing grocerys at the Food Town store on the weekends and is dong a correspondenc course in electronic enginerring. TOOT TOOT - ha ah.
We got us a new cockatile bird from a niehbor that was moving - his name is Shirley.
Sandy got her buaty licence and is cutting hair at Louise Larsons place - so she can walk to work. Her boyfrined is a photgrpher for the newspaper - he uses a little camera for candid shots of the mayor and all. You can see him holding it up - bearly bigger than his finger.

Marys ma came to stay with us for a while last year (when we took this pixture at the park. the one by th zoo.
Shes lost 80 pounds on the no eatting after six pm diet. Kind of tricky since i don't get off my shift until 7 p.m and we usually eat at 7;30. Shes ornry when she doesnt' eat.

Gwen is still working at the hospital cafreteria and just got promoted to dessert manager.
Shes puttin on the wait that Marys ma lost. I guess she found it. ha ha

We got a new car. well not really new - its an old Subru - you can kind of see it behind Chas but.

I'm still looking for a job. Maybe in at home computer design. a sample of my work is shown in the holiday photo above.
I couldn't find any holly pixture or it might have looked better. not bad for 3 months of a CD trainging course, tho.
if you know anyone that needs a lgogo let me know - i shouldhave bueinss cards in a week or so. I have a picture of Shirley (the bird) on the design. I;m gonna call it BIRDBRAIN DESIGN or something. just to be differnt. I didnt' see any Birdbrain Design on the internets.

Well that's about all the news. Hope you are all fine. to. Stay in touch we check our emial daily at least twice and sometimes in the night when I get up to pee - that right theres another 6 or 7 times. ha ha

- Ben

oh ya, Cindy had another kid.
Sorry that was so long.

- Ben

ps . i used the black bar to obsure my idenety. ha ha (like you cant' tell from the beard)

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