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GWB Library Scheduled to Open in 2010
Brush is now being cleared now and the George W. Bush Library is scheduled to open in early 2010. The Library will include:

The Hurricane Katrina Room which will remain under construction with no completion date in sight
The Alberto Gonzales Room you won't be able to recall anything once you enter this room
The Texas Air National Guard Room you don't even have to show up and you can say you've been there
The Walter Reed Hospital Room they won't let you in to this room
The Guantanamo Bay Room they won't let you out of this room
The Weapons of Mass Destruction Room you will not be able to find this room
The National Debt Room this room is huge and has no ceiling
The 'Tax Cut' Room only to the wealthy may enter
The 'Economy Room' which is in the toilet
The Iraq War Room after you complete your first tour of this room, they make you go back for a second, third, fourth... sometimes a fifth time
The Dick Cheney Room in an undisclosed location, the room features a shooting gallery and man-size safes containing 'top secret' reading material
Water Park and Torture Room this room doesn't exist
The Environmental Conservation Room empty
The Constitution and Bill of Rights Room this room will be constantly changing to suit the whims of the management
The Supreme Court Gift Shop here you will be able to buy an election
The Airport Men's Room meet some of your favorite Republican Senators
The 'Decider' Room complete with dart board, Magic 8-ball, Ouija board, dice, coins, and straws
and finally,
The 'My Pet Goat' Petting Zoo and Children's Reading Room surrounded by a mural of Rome burning

The museum will also have an electron microscope to help you locate the President's accomplishments.

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