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Click on the poster on the left for a higher resolution (a Mad Magazine Poster)
Yup - it's madness going on...These are a few of the visual retorts to the pending (when this was written) war ON Iraq. Feel helpless? Hopeless? Thinking what can I do? Read (and pray, if you are of like mind) our American Prayer.
(right) Bush is constantly using "game" terminology during his talks about war with Iraq. "One more chance; no more chances; out of chances; show your cards..." It prompted the creation of this image. Click on the image for a larger resolution. Original Bush photo by Pablo Martinez Monsivais, Associated Press, photo manipulation by Octane Creative.
(above) Does it strike any of you odd that while Rumsfeld is beriding the Iraqis for their treatment of our POW's, we are STILL holding men, without due process at the military base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba? International law and the Geneva Convention seems to be very important when it works in our favor - and then somehow does not apply when it doesn't fit into the Bush administration's master plan. What view does International Law and the Geneval Convention hold concerning preemptive stikes?

Amnesty International's take on the matter click here.
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