Enough senseless violence! Let’s have some senseless fun!
Octane Creative presents: Drive-by Shootings.
Drive-By Shootings:
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Drive-By Shootings is a proud resident of Parodyville.

Got a photo of an unusual sign or roadside attraction?
E-mail us a photo and we will post it here.

Here’s another Drive-By Shooting Challenge: Big Stuff by the Side of the Road
Submit your photos of large fiberglas animals, mascots, vegetables, folk heros, etc..

Above: We thought that it was a sign warning us of purse snatchers in the area. As it turned out, it was warning us to watch out for these two large black figures in the roadway.
Left: Apparently, their research has shown that stout parents purchase more food than slender parents.

Below: San Francisco, CA has the Cow Palace, Mitchell, SD has the Corn Palace, and Buelton CA has the Pork Palace. I wonder if the outside is covered with deep fried pork rinds? Thanks to Darin May who snapped this one for us.

Below: Mark Haley grabbed his camera and shot up this sign. The same sentiment holds true for all of us here at Parodyville. Ya'll come back now, hear?
Below: Talk about adding insult to injury! When Mark Haley sent this one I laughed so hard I wet my pants, slipped on the puddle under my chair, and threw my back out. Thanks a lot, Mark! You’ve just provided my chiropractor with another car payment.
Above: Margo Traywick noticed this sign on the bridge at Deception Pass in Washington state --- just seconds before a truck mirror struck her in the head while photographing the sign. There may be good reason they call it Deception Pass.
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More to come. Stay tuned!

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Use them without permission and your ears will become infested with the larva of killer-bees.