At Parodyville we have long been fascinated by large roadside attractions. Below we have posted some examples of this uniquely American "art form" for your perusal. Thanks to those who have contributed from their collections. Please visit their web sites when you get the chance. And, feel free to email us your photos (with location and photo credit).
(right) Giant Chicken - Eau Claire, WI (photo ©Tim Nyberg)

(below) Images courtesy of Mary Ellen Wessels' La Gallerie Du Schlock Grande:
Giant Otter - Fergus Falls, MN
Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox - Bemidji, MN
Giant Oxcart - Grand Forks, ND
Sissy the Talking Cow - Cheese Chalet, DeForest, WI
Giant Skier - Somewhere in Michigan
Giant Fish - Upper Penninsula, MI
Giant Pink Elephant - location unidentified

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Think this stuff is wierd?
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Also, check out who have gathered an EXTENSIVE photo journaling of Big Stuff by the side of the road from across North America. Including these sightings:
Fish is at the Bodins Sports Shop, Hayward, WI.
Skier is on Hwy. 2 outside of Bessemer, MI
Cowboy Muffler Man and Uniroyal Gal in Gainesville, TX
Giant corn, Olivia, MN
Giant turkey, Frazee, MN

Reagent, ND roadside sculpture (under giant turkey)

And who's roadtrip hasn't been made completely awesome with a sighting of the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile - Photo courtesy of Eric Kauppi

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