Recent reports of deformed frogs (many with extra or missing limbs) found in breeding ponds in Minnesota have alarmed environmentalists, and rightfully so. However, the attention given to the frogs has overshadowed another, perhaps more serious concern: deformed logs found throughout Minnesota, other states in the upper midwest, and Tupelo, Mississippi (the birthplace of Elvis Presley). Telecommunications specialist and log enthusiast Robert "Bob" Schuck has devoted himself to this issue. "Bob" hopes that his efforts will result in the discovery of what has caused the log deformities and will enable scientists to find a way to stop the mutations from continuing. Please take the time to explore the rest of this site and spread the word to others. If we all do our part, we can put an end to log deformities everywhere.

Note: Robert "Bob" Schuck has purchased this web site in hopes that his discovery will qualify him for a government-funded grant of $2.6 millon for the continuing study of these amazing genetic mutations of nature.

Please wait patently as this entire document to load or you may miss some of the fascinating research collected by Robert "Bob" Schuck (pictured below). And, for information about where to send money, click here.


Enough about "Bob" -- let's get to the important matter at hand:
Bob's Frightening Discovery of Deformed Logs.

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