spam bowling -- try your luck -- bowl over the spam chunks -- brought to you by Bad Dog Press

Of course we realize that SPAM® is a registered trademark of Hormel Foods.
We love SPAM® luncheon meat.
SPAM is really great foo... ah, SPAM is edible.

We also love to bowl.
That's why we are honoring SPAM® with this cool SPAM® Bowling site.

So, set up the ten pins... er, luncheon meat blocks and let's go

Here's how it works. Simply position your cursor where you want to hit the luncheon meat blocks and click. You will see the results of your "roll." Then hit "RESET" to bowl again. Try different cursor positions with each ball for added excitement (otherwise you may hit the same luncheon meat blocks down every time). READY? Knock 'em down!

Position your cursor and click.

Or, if you are tired of SPAM® Bowling...




































































































































Lucky you! Your next ball on this frame automatically resulted in a


















































Thanks for SPAM® Bowling with us.
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