The Tundra Golf Association gratefully acknowledge
the sponsorship of these fine companies:

All ads are a heck of a lot more legible in the bestselling humor book, Golf on the Tundra
available at your local book or golf pro shop (have them order it in for you).
Or, you can purchase it at the TGA Pro Shop.

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Yes, special conditions, like those experienced by TGA Pros require special clubs.

For safety and improved play, the TGA allows for some club modifications. All of the clubs pictured at the left are proved by the TGA
and manufactured by TundraCo, the official supplier of clubs to TGA Pros.

The StudClub® is equipped with studs to reduce or eliminate bounce: when you hit the solid tundra with an object as lethal as a golf club,
you want as little bounce as possible.

The Smashee® A club, usually an iron, equipped with a metal spike that digs under the ice and snow to improve a player's lie just before the club face strikes the ball.

The Frozen Spoon® A club, either a wood or an iron, equipped with a shovel or "spoon" device that, on a player's backswing, removes snow so that the club's follow-through is unabated.

Look for these fine clubs wherever TGA approved equipment is sold.


The folks at Toddy-Pro Inc. were undergoing financial "reorganization" when we were selling ads, but we decided to picture their product anyway.

Once you ConvertaSled® you'll never go back to trudging through the snow drifts with your golf bag slung over your shoulder again!
ConvertaSled® turns ANY snowmobile into a Tundra Golf Cart!

The ConvertaSled® model pictured in the ad above is mounted on a 1997 Polaris Indy Classic manufactured by Polaris Industries in Roseau, Minnesota.

 ConvertaSled® the official Golf Cart Conversion Kit of the Tundra Golf Association.

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