Here are just a few of the Wall (and Ceiling) Duck Tapings that we have been privy to. If you are going to do a wall taping, please remember that this CAN and IS dangerous unless you know what you are doing. You can actually crucify someone if they are not properly supported during the taping process. BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT THIS STUNT, CLICK HERE!
UK Wall Taping
Tim and Jim at the International Hardware Show in London, taping Steve, the Henkel duct tape guru to the wall.
Ceiling Taping
(Left and lefter) Tammy a college student in Iowa allows herself to be taped to the ceiling - just to see if the tape will hold. (It did - fortunately, so did the sheetrock screws.)

Scroll down for another college ceiling taping.

Raising School Funds with Duct Tape
You bet duct tape can fix budget cuts! These principals from around the country have raised money, helped reading and recycling programs by selling and/or awarding strips of duct tape then letting their students tape them to the wall. From upper left: Dallastown, PA High, principal George Jones; Mark Buck, Principal of the Medicine Lodge Middle School ; Nebraska elementary principal, Martha Nielsen; Madison, Wisconsin, Shabazz School principal Sally Schultz; and below an Arizon teacher and coach allowed students to duct tape them to a glass wall in the school if the kids collected 2,001 cans in a two week period.
Executive Wall Pods
(left) No, it’s not a scene from a B horror movie - it’s three executives raising money by selling strips of Duct Tape.
Raising Reading Raises Principal
Mr. Krueger of Hooks Junior High School in Hooks, TX went to the wall when his students met the challenge to reach an Accelerated Reading goal.
The Winning Ticket
(below left) Brad Marcy of Reno, Nevada attempts to win concert tickets for his daughter from radio station KWNZ by being duct taped to a wall.
(left) A popular print by Will Bullas. Go to our duct tape art gallery for more information.

We're thinking that probably the best thing you can do in college is to spend your study time learning about duct tape. Trevor G. and his buddies at St. Anselm’s College in New Hampshire did just that by accomplishing another amazing ceiling taping. On the left is Trevor with the tools needed, in the middle are the progress photos, and on the right, proof that Trevor survived the experience. Nice work, guys! If you want to see the whole proceedure, click to Trevor's site.

Pipe Taping
(below) Put Chris S., four or five buddies, a school heating duct, and duct tape together and what do you get? Our first ever Pipe Taping. Why? Hey, why not?!

German Ceiling Taping
(below right) Leave it to German ingenuity to come up with a clever solution for space problems at the computer lab. Dirk sent us this photo of a ceiling beam taping (with no further explanation of the circumstances involved).

Lock In Wall Taping
(left) An activity at a youth lock in left this guy (Brent's brother) suspended and the wall missing paint when the ordeal was over. Warning: Duct tape MAY pull the paint off of the wall. Best bet for a wall surface: Ceramic/Enamel coated cement blocks (like in your school cafeteria).

And, more principal tapings?
(below) Overland Park, KS Principal was taped to the wall in a fund raising event where students paid $1 per strip of tape. Obviously, the fund raising (and the principal raising) was a success.

(belower) Principal G. B. Henderson of the Elsie Mironuck School in Regina,SK, Canada. This effort raised about $11,000 during their fundraising effort!
TechTV Intern Gets Taped
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