WARNING from the Duct Tape Guys:
(A word of warning if you are going to try this taping to the wall stunt.)

A fundraising event involving duct-taping a teacher to a wall at a Perry, Ohio high school could have cost him his life. The Akron Beacon Journal reports the plan was to see if the grey tape could hold physics teacher Nate Van wey once portable stairs on which he was standing were removed. Problems arose 80 minutes into the duct-taping, when Van Wey became overheated and passed out. The tape prevented his body heat from escaping through his clothing, causing him to lose consciousness. Van Wey had 92 pieces of duct tape holding him to the wall. He says all he remembers is getting hotter and hotter. Van Wey says everyone told him later that the tape held. Doctors say the stunt could’ve been fatal for the 49 year old teacher had students and staff not acted quickly.

We have also heard of kids duct taping themselves to the wall in crucifix position - and having to call the paramedics because they started suffocating (feet need to be properly supported).

And, of course there is the bladder and kidney damage that can happen if you aren’t willing to suffer the embarrasment of lack of bladder control after a few hours.

Before you do this stunt - carefully weigh the potential dangers. Have a 9-1-1 access phone handy... many have needed it!

Start by having the person stand on a chair or box to support them while taping. Put more tape on the legs - this is where most of the weight will be carried. If you want to tape someone to the wall using a minimum amount of tape, use most of the tape on the legs and very little on the upper body. You can tape a person to a wall with a roll or less of tape if you follow these directions. If you are selling the tape strips to raise money, go for as many as possible - any length longer than one foot each.

Note: We don't recommend doing this stunt. If you attempt it, you are assuming all responsibility. Again, have that 9-1-1 access phone handy.

Thanks - The Duct Tape Guys