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We recently did TechTV's Unscrewed. Here's how we left their intern, Joey.
Thanks to Matt Gibbs and TechTV for the photos.
Chair Wall Taping (right) "I am a student assistant at a private Florida engineering college. I had students in a solid mechanics class that were having problems with shear and tension principles. So, to demonstrate the causes of both, and what they both look like, I decided to show the students by using duct tape. With their assistance, I taped a chair to a cinder block wall. The wall was completely vertical, like most walls are. The experiment worked too well, however. The chair/duct tape mix was too efficient at supporting its own weight, so we had to put things on the chair. These things eventually turned into people, and it took a 250lb student to finally put a strain on the duct tape. The tape finally failed when a 350lb student sat on the chair. It was at that point that I was able to demonstrate what shear combination shear and tensile stresses looked like."

"Once they saw what it was their text books were talking about, they understood the principles, and did very well on the test that followed the next day." - Kenneth S. McQ., Student, Aerospace Engineering
Tree Taping (left) Dominique and Katie of Morenci, MI, with our first recorded tree taping.
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Door Taping right - Cady says, "Don't mess with a redneck's daughter.

above - Joey hangs in there...

Stickin' it to the Man!
right - Marc Nestorick, Rocky View Elementary School, Gallup, New Mexico allowed any kid who brought their parents to teacher conferences would win the opportunity to tape him to the wall. The challenge resulted in a 90% turn-out!

below - Great Wisconsin Credit Union financial service representatives found another great use for duct tape—to stick Mike Bunge, chief operating officer, to the wall.

A total of 17 financial service representatives refinanced 237 loans - each loan transfer earned the representative a piece of tape to use for sticking Mike to the wall at their staff meeting.