A Striking Sight in Silver
(left) Susie S. was spotted wearing this duct tape dress at a taping of The Red Green Show. She had matching accessories, shoes, purse, and duct tape patches on runs in her hosery. Susie was spotted by Suzanne. Nice work girls!

Duck Tape Wedding (below) Check out the first ever Duck Tape® Wedding held September, 2001 at Universal Studios in Hollywood, CA.

Lady in Red
(left) Sarah Van H. shows off her red Duct Tape ensemble (including matching purse). Notice the vintage Duck® brand logo on the purse. Click to our accessories pages to see a close up of the purse and her creative Spam and Duct Tape wallet.
"More" lift
(left) MORE Magazine’s fashion and beauty director provide a pre-photo shoot "lift" to get a model ready for a shoot. The "lift" was accomplished with duct tape on top of surgical tape. (Source: November 2001 issue, More Magazine)

(below) Amber and Jana show off their duct tape spring banquet apparel.