October 4, 2001Joyce Lotta and Kevin Thomas exchanged marital vows on September 29, 2001 in the first ever Duck Tape® Wedding. The ceremony was held at Universal Studios in Los Angeles and included Duck Tape wedding attire, accessories and decorations.

Lotta walked down aisle wearing a gown made almost entirely of white Duck Tape and embellished with more than 600 Bavarian crystals. Fashion designer Brian McKinney created the dress for the occasion, as well as the groom’s tuxedo jacket. McKinney spent 180 hours of labor creating the ensembles from more than 48 rolls of Duck Tape. Cummerbunds for the groomsmen, shawls for the bridal party, a stole for the pastor, and all of the wedding flowers and bouquets were also created out of Duck Tape by sculptor Todd Scott.
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