And in this corner…
(left) Starting off our eighth page of duct tape fashions is Neil who fashioned this outfit for a 1997 Halloween party. The suit went on to be worn by a friend at a junior prom. Taking a little over four hours to make, the outfit shows a lot of style. Nice work, Neil!

(right) Megan dons a rather constrictive duct tape gown that reminds us of something that Marilyn Monroe would have worn in the 60s (not recommended for dancing).

(right) Even the "King of Pop" (or someone who wishes to be) dresses in duct tape. Thanks to Lawrence B. for sending this photo.
(above) A vest made by Keith Drone of
(left) It's always nice to have folks come to our shows in their duct tape apparel. Here, Kristina ("the Duct Tape Avenger") and her brother Ben visit with Tim and Jim in Hartford, CT following a show.

(right) Here's Daniel who we met at the same show wearing his Duct Tape Guy Halloween Costume. If you are going to one of our shows, dress in your duct tape fashion and you will always get special attention from The Duct Tape Guys!

(left) Rebekah V. of Ontario, Canada made this stunning gown to wear to this year's Christmas parties. It took her eleven rolls and four and a half hours to complete the dress.
(left) Meredith E. (age 15) crafted this stylin' laced top using Duck® brand tape. Also, notice the red and silver wrist band accessory.

(below left) Looking somehow related is Nancy's neighbor who needed a costume for a school project. Duct Tape was just the material needed for Nancy to accomplish this pointy outfit.

(far left) Lissa, of Brockport, NY found a way a way to express her unique sense of fashion, her outgoing and her crazy personality, and her love of adhesive -- ALL IN ONE!! I made this outfit last semester and wore it around campus for a few hours (until I had to pee...).

(lower left) Dan Z. stands tall in duct tape. This photo from his local newspaper calls him, "Dan, Dan, the Duct Tape Man." (photo by Susan Haney)

(lower center)
Jamie from Webster, MA made this entire outfit from Duct Tape.

(below) Sarah models a mask that her brother Scott made for her.