Nick, the St. Paul Saints Resident
Tim (left) and Jim (right) join Nick at the St. Paul Saints (minor league baseball) Salute to Duck Tape Night. Nick is trying to win $10,000 by staying at the Saints park all summer long - getting his food and other needs filled only via internet. We're sure that the duct tape poncho that he is wearing will help out during inclement Minnesota weather. Good luck, Nick!

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(left) This one was making it around the web (without the faces obscured). We thought that it was an excellent testimonial of the virtues of duct tape. If you want to take this one and pass it around, feel free to do so since the subjects have been annonymized.
Faux Evil
(right) Here is a photo of my friend and I spoofing Austin Powers. Notice that we made Dr. Evil's suit entirely of duct tape. --- Submitted by anonymous
Duct Tape Wedding Dress
(right) This lovely wedding gown was created by a student of the Ontario College of Art and Design for World Wide Duck Tape Days which was part of Harbourfront Centre’s JVC Jazz Weekend in Toronto. To see some of the other art created for the festival, click here to get to our art gallery.
Duct Tape Elvis
(right) Sean McK.. found the perfect use for white duct tape: An Elvis outfit. You know, we're downright amazed that "The King" didn't wear duct tape at some point in his career...