Send us your duct tape purses.
We have some purse designers that are so prolific and artful, that we thought they deserved their own pages. click on the links on the right to see their special feature pages.(Like we did with Shelle T. below)
Ona Paul is a creative fiber artist who does some really cool purses with duct tape and mixed materials. Click the banner on the right to go to her featured artist page.

(below) A woven purse star wallet combo by Lisa C. from Arizona.

Yet another duct tape designer that warrants their own page: - click here to see Tina's Bags

Click here to see Chelsea Hazzard's purses.

The prolific Shelle T. of Jamestown, NC has her own website selling her duct tape creations. Here is a mere sampling of her wares.
(below) Sarah Van H. of Poway, CA created the red purse above to go with her red Duck Tape outfit (see our fashions page 7). Notice the vintage Duck® brand logo on the purse. (below) Nicholas P. of Williamsport, PA made this nifty purse and wallet for his mom. What a lucky gal!

Emilie Autumn has created stuff from duct tape for ten years... here's one of her simple and understated purses. See her chair in our accessores page.

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