Send us your duct tape accessories.

(left) Starting the page are two items from Jake's Tape Works. (below) Colorado is home to Josh who makes some really cool stuff out of duct tape. This is a sampling of his work.
The perfect accessory for that formal evening on the town (left) By Kenny of Sunnyvale, CA and (below) by Keith Drone of . check out our How To page to learn how to make your own duct tape roses.
(below) Flowers combine with a purse to make this attractive bag by Shelle T. of Jamestown, NC.

See more purses here.

Eric’s Duct Tape Fashion Statement
This guy is stylin’! First a duct tape hat, then duct tape pants (giving new meaning to the term “Sweat Pants”). Both are made of 100% duct tape (four rolls for the pants, one and a half rolls for the hat). Looks like Eric is ready for tapin’ the town gray! Nice work, Eric! Tape on, dude!
Duct Tape Goes to Your Head
(above) Kevin, from California, created this cap to wear to the last day of school with a shirt that said, "Not Strange - Unique." Yes it is, Kevin! Kevin also made the pocket protector, calculator holder and coin-tainer shown above.

(right) Zach from Johnstown, CO made this durable backpack. All it took was two hours and one and a half rolls of Duct Tape. Nice work, Zach!

(below) Myles uses this backpack everyday at school - he says it gets a lot of laughs. Can't figure that out - to us, it looks pretty cool! Myles also made a bunch of Duct Tape Wallets for Tsunami relief. See Myles in his Duct Tape Buy Halloween Costume here.

(left) Chris M. made a duct tape back pack for a science project, to compare his to another child's (one out of masking tape). Chris put a cup holder on his and made shoulder straps.
Guess whose pack was stronger?!
Keith Drone of has been putting himself through school by making duct tape fashion accessories. Check out Keith's other booming duct tape accessories at his web site (click the banner above. (right) MHart from Towanda, IL came up with this creative duct tape iPod case which he auctioned off on E-Bay. So far the bid is $6. Not bad for a few minutes of puttering.

(below) Shelle T's wrist bands - available for purchase on her site.

(left) Jack made this "duct tape witch hair" and reinforced his favorite high tops with duct tape. We think the hair and the hightops would make lovely accessories to any duct tape ensemble.
A duct tape chair will show off your duct tape fashion in a most appropriate manner. This one is made by Emillie Autumn of Fancy Deluxe.

Raiders of the Lost Tape Fedora
(left) Kevin M. of Belmont, CA fashioned these 100% duct tape fedors (Okay, there is a little cardboard in the brim... but we won't mention that - oops, too late!)

(below) Brad R. made these color, themed backpacks: Homestar, University of North Texas and the Incredibles. The packs are functional and durable (not to mention eye-catching).

(left) Carolee busted something in her hand and accessorized her cast with patriotic duct tape.
Duct Tape Bows
(left) Just spotted at the Appleton Art Fair.
Duct Tape Bows - great for girls' hair or as a bowtie for guys who spill a lot.
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