"Be creative! Follow these directions until you get the hang of it and then get wild and create your own stuff with duct tape! We recommend Duck® brand for the best quality and colors!"
- Jim and Tim


We finally caved into the pressure and decided to help those of you who are constantly asking us "How do you make a wallet (etc.) out of duct tape?" To us, it just ain't that difficult a task - you just fiddle around with duct tape until you end up with something that looks close to what you were thinking of making. So, watch this page for step-by-step instructions on how to make a variety of projects with duct tape.
Duct Tape Bows Starting out, we have a guest instructor, Rich, who shared with us his method for making duct tape bows (although we would recommend doubling over the duct tape strips, sticky-side-in, so they don't stick to themselves when you fold them over). For a more colorful package, use Duck® brand colored duct tapes. Thanks Rich!
Rich writes: I had to wrap a present for my wife's birthday and couldn't find where she hid the ribbons and the tape so I broke out my Duck® tape! After the wrapping, then came the bows (diagram enclosed, I didn't have a camera handy). First, I took a strip about 7 inches long then cut it into long strips about a .25 inch wide. Then I looped the ends around leaving an exposed area of the sticky side and finally I made crosses and stacked them slightly rotated from the one below. She was amazed at yet another use for this indespensable gift from the gods. Much better looking than any of those store-bought bows I think. Rich R., Hamden, CT
We had a camera, Rich, and here is our duct tape bow:

And now, by popular demand: How to make a simple duct tape wallet!
Note: Making duct tape sheets like this is the first step in almost ANY duct tape construction project. Get good at this and you can make ANYTHING!

Kyle made a giant rose out of duct tape. The rose is 7 1/2 feet tall, and the top is 18 inches in
diameter. It took 58 rolls of 2"x 20 yd. duck brand duct tape. He used a two inch piece of pvc pipe covered with green duct tape for the stem and used 69
petals made out of red duct tape for the top. The rose weighs 30 pounds, took 13 1/2 hours, and cost $172 to make.
How to make a duct tape rose courtesy of Duck® brand tape and Todd Scott, the Canadian Duct Tape Sculptor.
Cut several strips of duct tape – about 2 inches each.

Sticky side up, fold one edge over itself, leaving some stickiness on the side and bottom.

Take the parallel edge and fold it over, leaving only stickiness on the bottom of the strip. (Photo 1)

Roll this across tightly; this is your center. (Photo 2)

Repeating steps 2-3 with strips of duct tape, loosely bind the strips around the center (these are your petals). Continue until you’ve reached the desired size.
For the stem, take a thin piece of floral stem wire, and a large strip of duct tape (the duct tape should be about a 1/2” shorter than the wire). Place the wire on the strip (parallel) and roll the wire across, wrapping the tape tightly around. (Photo 3)

Insert the end with the 1/2” of wire (the end that doesn’t have tape on it) into the rose. Make a petal (steps 2-3) and secure the stem to the rose. (Photo 4 - Ta-da!)
(below) Craft project? Nah! Just a clever idea that Bill B. of St. Paul, Minnesota had. And, while the execution is rather primative, we think it's an idea that the car manufacturers will be picking up on soon!.

(left) How to rig your car with cameras to shoot a home-made action movie. Don't spare the duct tape or you'll lose the camera!