Put on your thinking cap and massage your funny bone - it's time to come up with some creative captions for the Duct Tape Guys’ photo file. We will post a new photo here every month for you to submit a funny caption to. Just e-mail your caption with your name, and e-mail address. We will award fabulous prizes every time to the two best captions (and post other honorable mentions).
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Deadline is 3/28/09 (If it goes a bit longer - don't dismay - we're probably out duct taping something.

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First Place Caption:
George Lucas' original plans for Luke's speeder before he got funding. - Peter J. VanZwoll Congrats, you won a Duct Tape Pro button, bumper sticker and set of six postcards.

Runner Up Caption:
General Motors just showed off their new fuel efficient concept car for the southern United States. - dgmaley@inav.net Congrats, you won a Duct Tape Pro Bumper Sticker

Honorable Mention

Secretary of Defense 'Disco' Donnie Rumsfeld comes thru for the Army with the new vehicle, 'the Desert Cruiser'. (Bring your own armor.) - Leo 'Impaler' Swigonski

FEMA goes all out for search & rescue in New Orleans. - Jeff Hartzheim(formerly of N.O.)

Low cost seating available on the Tsunami Express. - PUNSTER

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Need help being creative? Check out The Duct Tape Guy’s hints for Brainstorming and Creative Thinking for more help in becoming a creative dynamo! Keep it up! The way to have a good idea is to have LOTS of ideas!