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First Place Caption:
George Lucas' original plans for Luke's speeder before he got funding. - Peter J. VanZwoll

Runner Up Caption:
General Motors just showed off their new fuel efficient concept car for the southern United States. -

Honorable Mention

Secretary of Defense 'Disco' Donnie Rumsfeld comes thru for the Army with the new vehicle, 'the Desert Cruiser'. (Bring your own armor.) - Leo 'Impaler' Swigonski

FEMA goes all out for search & rescue in New Orleans. - Jeff Hartzheim(formerly of N.O.)

Low cost seating available on the Tsunami Express. - PUNSTER

First Place Caption:
"Okay, just a little more to the left, okay. Hold his chin up...yep, that's it! Now, move his tail to the right. STOP! That's good! ESPN's comin' in GREAT now!" - Trip Uhalt

Runner Up Caption:
Frankie prepares his "Boxer" for shipping. - Kraig L. Ruhnke

Honorable Mention

Sure it's not as long as the leash, but it sure steers him better. - Dale Peterson

First Place Caption:
NASA is quietly testing some rather unusual methods of preventing foam from falling off the shuttle fuel tank. - Dave Maley

Runner Up Caption:
Going to the drug store for Rush Limbaugh is not a pleasure trip, that's for sure! - Leo "The impaler" Swigonski

Honorable Mention

"The Dukes of Huntsville" - Trip Uhalt

"In an effort to increase the resale value of his 1983 Yugo, Stanley Yablondsky attaches a few "non-dealer" add-ons." - Trip Uhalt

Duct tape six bucks, posted in the internet priceless. - Denise Horton

First Place Caption:
"Thanks, E-Harmony!" - Melanie Caiazza

Runner Up Caption:
Just shows to go ya what a little duct tape and too much time on yer hands'll do... - Trip Uhalt

First Place Caption:
And so the journey to the "duct" side begins for young Anakin Waterwalker. - Angela Sereseroz

Runner Up Caption:
Protect your ultra sun-sensative areas with duct tape. It's 100% UV Protection on a roll. - Sandra Krause

Honorable Mention:
Duct Tape saves hurting sole; better that the Balm in Gilead. - Brian Gerards

First Place Caption:
"The wedding for the runaway bride finally took place...but this time the groom wasn't taking any chances!" - Jeff Hartzheim

"Runner Up Caption:
"Your wife tell you that you could only have one glass a day? Well why not double the size of that glass?" - kyle willey

Honorable Mentions
"The 'Material Girl' had to improvise her costume when she discovered that her bra had been stolen."- Dave Maley"The wedding for the runaway bride finally took place...but this time the groom wasn't taking any chances!" - Jeff

"The Witt siamese twins (Dim and Nit) finally solve the problem of having two mouths and one arm." - Kraig Ruhnke

Dolly's ill-fated answer to the "Beer Hat." - Trip Uhalt

First Place Caption:
Jaba the Hut secured for transportation to the location where they'll shoot the last in the Star Wars series. - Cindy Miller.

"Runner Up Caption:
The crocodile being over fifteen feet long was of no special interest to the tribesmen. But the fact that he was found with bands of silver [duct tape] around his snout gave the croc god-like stature. - Sam Edwards

Honorable Mentions
Talk about touchy!! I eat a few of their friends and they get sore. It's not like I ate your whole tribe. - Chico Dedick

"Hell! If this duct tape works on the croc, I'm gonna use it on loudmouth Rush Limbaugh!" - Leo 'Stealth' Swigonski

"Runner Up Caption:
Freeing himself from the long lines at the port-o-lets, Rocko tries out his new full body duct tape colostomy bag. - Jeff H.

Honorable Mentions
The many entries that said something like - "...He suddenly realized the downside of his duct tape suit.."

"I came out of the Porta Potty and Shazam I come out Duct man invisible to the world - I can take on anyone!" - Lisa G.

Determined to keep his promise to his mom not to lose his retainer, Kevin suits up for retrieval. - Linda Kohl

First Place Caption:
"Starved for attention, Fido spends three months making masterful duct tape reproductions of musical instruments to please his master." - Dean L.

"Runner Up Caption:
"The party abruptly ended when someone mentioned drumsticks and, in a ravenous frenzy, Benji ate the drummer." - Linda Kohl

Honorable Mentions
"You should see what my cat plays." - Matt Gagle

Fido was very pleased with himself after making a drum kit and guitar out of duct tape, since he knew that this talent was very scarce. But then he thought to himself, "uh....what now?" - Danielle F.

Little did Red know that the drum set was just a front; Little Pepe was, in truth, the smuggler baron Lord Copernicus, preparing his latest business transaction..." - Kellin Mavis

Three Dog Night’s last chorus of “Stuck On You”. - Brian Gerards

First Place Caption:
"Sickened but not stricken, Edward Scissorhands tries to clone himself, but instead creates, Bob Spinningwheel Head." - Trip Uhalt

"Runner Up Caption:
This week finally brought closure as former President Bill Clinton removed his last remaining personal items from the White House. - M. Schaefer

Honorable Mentions
Honest honey, all I bid on was a box full of duct tape, and they threw this in for free!!!!! - Bob Noble

When the weight of the World became too much for Atlas to bear, he just opted for something from World Bazaar instead. - Jeff Hartzheim

After living near the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant complex, a strange growth suddenly appeared on 'Butch' Coulter's shoulder! - Leo 'Da Stealth' Swigonski

Bob didn't know what this thing was but his Brother-in-law didn't have one in his shop so this put him one up. - Bud

First Place Caption:
"A concerned citizen sent this picture to protective services. Within minutes, the children were rescued from their Duct Tape prison and mom was sent to jail. Luckily, while she was there, Martha Stewart showed her how to make decorative bows out of her duct tape and put it to better use than free daycare." - Peter J. VanZwoll

"Runner Up Caption:
The children were nestled all snug on blue jeans.
And Mom planned to keep them like that through their teens. With a clump of her hair left for no obvious reason. It's an odd way to spend this bizarre Christmas season." - Jeff Hartzheim

Honorable Mention
Hey Dad, the good news is I bought you a new roll of duct tape to replace the one I used. - Wanda Murphy

First Place Caption:
The new 2005 Cheneymoblie, (expressionless model shown), also comes in the luxury sport edition, featuring a snarling grillwork that is sure to scare the slowest jaywalker! Now available at your local Halliburtion dealer...don't ask the price... - Leo 'Stealth' Swigonski

Runner Up Caption:
"The 2005 Mercedes Adhesive...Zero to sticky in 5.9 seconds!" - Jeff Hartzheim

Honorable Mention
That great stock car look on a roll. - Nick K.

First Place Caption:
After thirty years, utility worker Bob comes face-to-face with the pet alligator he flushed down the toilet at age ten. - Mandy Seither

Runner Up Caption:
New name for duct tape: Gator Aid. - Dave Aley

Honorable Mention
For his fraternity initiation Stanley Choblondski dressed as his favorite 'Village Person;' downed the case of Schlitz; wrestled, tied and duct taped the call girl; then looked up in disbelief saying, 'I have to sleep with WHAT?! - Trip Uhalt

First Place Caption:
As Billy Bob prepares to become the first human rocket he now awaits the really big bottle rocket he ordered at the gas station/mini mart up on the interstate. (Note: Next month Billy Bob will be featured on the Darwin Award web site.) - Kraig Ruhnke

Runner Up Caption:
After months of jealousy over all his friend's look-at-me-I-just-got-bombed-by-a-bird stories, David tries to make himself an easier target. - Max Diddams

Honorable Mentions:
After Timmy's father scolded him to 'go out and play in traffic', Timmy's mom lovingly attached a Hazard Cone to his head with duct tape. - Jordan Bochanis

This is what happens when cones dress up as humans for halloween. - Charles

First Place Caption:
If fresh Pine Scent can't hide the smell, flip it over for big, fat, burly, sweaty man scent, guaranteed to mask ANY odor! - Trip

Runner Up Caption:
This was the last picture taken of him, moments before the bears saw through his clever disguise and ate him. Guess he should have used the camouflage duct tape! - Peter J. VanZwoll

Honorable Mentions:
air freshener : $1.00, duct tape: $2.99, smelling the woods 24/7:priceless - kayla

Bob the scent master is trying to master this new scent...called Royal Pine....he thought for a while, and figured that ductaping the string to his forehead would place it in front of his nose...thus he can now master the scent!! - matt

Leo had 3 helpings of baked beans at the church supper so fellow parish worshippers prepare for the inevitable..." - Leo 'Stealth' Swigonski

Exhaustive, scientific lab tests show that duct tape fastener is less painful than either staples or thumb tacks. - Dean L.

First Place Caption:
Roof inside doubles as handy bug strip. - Dean L

Runner Up Caption:
Used tax return to pay for car upgrade. - Bones

Honorable Mentions:
"Handyman special" quickly upgraded to "move in condition". - Bo C.
Wind tunnel tested and approved (except hubcap and door trim) to 180 m
iles per hour. - KC Cool

First Place Caption:
"Dude, check out my new PPU, Pigeon Protection Unit" - Max D.

Runner Up Caption:
The gargoyle was easily subdued by Van Helsing's von taping! - Trip U.

Honorable Mentions:
"The Misses is never going to notice I broke her creation she made at sculpturing class" - Chico D.
"The Hunchback of Notre-Duct" - Peter VanZ

First Place Caption:
Bob found this car seat at the Roswell N.M. UFO crash-landing site - proving once and for all, that white trash exists even in outer space. - Melanie Caiazza

Runner Up Caption:
Everybody was afraid to tell Bob that the "Angel wings" he spent two hours making for his daughters play were the wrong color. - Russ Martin

Honorable Mentions:
"Even unhip folksingers are jumping on the gaudy medallion bandwagon!"- Jeff Hartzheim

Recalled child carrier. - Stephanie Chastain

First Place Caption: "When Edward Scissor hands gets duct tape envy." - Pat Wiedom

Runner Up Caption: Santa's Elves take matters into their own hands and start making cuts in the North Pole employee appreciation party. - Kraig Ruhnke

Honorable Mentions: "Honey, I told you I was fine with the red suit, roller skates, and the giant pair of scissors, but we are not getting married until you take those sunglasses out of your shirt. They make you look like an idiot!" - Peter VanZ

Mobile budget vasectomy. - IsaaX Whyat

"Oh, the sunglasses? That takes some explaining." - Gaffer

Starting his rebelious stage Jhonny wanted to do
somthing drastic; but what? - Anna Combs

Michael Jackson's surgical team is preparing the equipment for his next nose job. - Leo 'Stealth' Swigonski

First Place Caption: Getting tired of being kicked out of the Elks, Moose and Shriners, Eugene starts his own lodge. - ginky sue

Runner Up Caption: Bill Gates unveils his new personal music system -- Duct Pod. - chuck s

Honorable Mentions: I think Mickey will love them, Walt! - Dale Peterson

A young Walt Disney gets inspiration for a animated mascot from his dim-witted roomate. - Peter J VanZ

First Place Caption:
Roger, the new postman, relied on duct tape until his right hand driving skills improved.

Runner Up Caption:
Never before aired footage of a "Trading Spaces" episode gone awry where one set of neighbors "spruced up" the other's front lawn appearance then pocketed the remaining $997.37. No more details pending outcome of court's decision. - Trip

Honorable Mention:
"And now ladies and gentlemen, if you'll look out the right side of the Tour of the Stars bus, you'll see Robert Downey, Jr.'s latest work release home..." - annonymous

First Place Caption:
Support can be beautiful! - Jim N.

Runner Up Caption:
Duct Tape rewrites yet another law. The Law of Gravity! - Charlie K.

Honorable Mention:
Victoria's Secret has nothing on Jim and Tim's secret! - Julie

Duct tape fixed what Mother Nature nixed. - Trip

This sculpture was actually created as duct tape art. See more duct tape art here.
To the masses of you who sent something about Bin Laden - thanks - but everyone else thought of that one, too. Think “Outside the box!”

First Place Caption: Not going anywhere for a while? --- Cheryl Nelson

Runner Up Caption: Archaeologists were astounded when evidence afforded by the recent discovery of the mummified remains of ancient Egyptian king Ductankhamen suggested that duct tape was invented nearly 5,000 years earlier than previously thought. --- Kirby Lucich

Honorable Mentions: Musicians dream of Grammy. Actors dream of Oscar. Duct Tape Artists dream of... --- Sandra Yaworski

The great escape artist, "El Ducto", knew he was in for trouble after wolfing down those extra five burritos with those prune milkshakes he had for a mid-morning snack! --- 'Stealth' Leo Swigonski

“Honey?, Honey??, HONEEEEEEY!!!? This isn't funny!!! …Honey?” --- OkieDoakes

If spiders could master the use of duct tape, they would eat like kings! --- KC6HOS

Wouldn't it have been better to just give the kid a sled? --- Wayne Saddler

In the future, to protect against inadvertent contact with electrical wires, may I suggest that you use the tape to insulate the wires instead? --- Kirby Lucich

MOM can we keep him? --- Althar

First Place Caption: After the elephant sat on the side of the car it was hard to keep that new car smell in. --- Randy R.

Runner Up Caption: "Never, ever eat the triple-decker bean burrito supreme next to a fat broad smoking a cigar!" --- Lovely Sharon S.

Honorable Mentions: First, some concerns about how Dad will respond:
Do you think dad will notice the window won't roll down? --- Wanda B.

"I's not THAT bad... you don't think Dad will.. umm... notice, right Mom...? Mom..? MOM!?" --- Tabatha

"Honest, dad. It was this giant roll of duct tape, it came out of nowhere… BAM!!!" --- Amy S.

And then, honorable mention for possibly the longest caption we’ve ever had (we even edited it):
LOOK! Now my car has NASCAR-style window netting! Now all it needs is a "roll" cage, a 5-point duct tape seat belt, and I need to duct tape the doors shut, because there are no doors in NASCAR. Oh, and I need to make myself a duct tape fireproof suit, and tape down some in-car cameras. --- Kul

First Place Caption: The inhabitants of Troy never saw it coming with the arrival of the Trojan duck. --- Brett Jordan

Runner-Up Caption: After duct-taping Tim Burton to a wall, the Duct Tape Guys make off with all of the props from "Batman Returns." --- Matthew Zane

Honorable Mentions: "We all live in a Yellow 'Duckmarine', a Yellow 'Duckmarine', a Yellow 'Duckmarine'. We all live..." (our sincerest apologies to John, Paul, George and Ringo). --- Trip Uhalt

"Ahoy maties! We've sprung a leak. We gotta duct the duck!" --- Lovely Sharon, (wife of Stinkin' Leo)

First Place Caption: For a burger that really sticks to your ribs, a layer of green duct tape rather than lettuce will do the trick! --- Francine W.

Runner-Up Caption: "It's the duct tape that keeps the burger together and seals in the flavors." --- Stinkin' Leo

Honorable Mentions:Our burgers are so heavy, we have to duct tape them into our customer's hands to avoid drycleaning bills. --- Sam O.

Dave Thomas Jr., Wendy's "bad seed". --- Carl G.

First Place Caption: Jamie blows away the creators of the 'beer hat' with her newest invention, the "Soda Bra". --- Erin Lacy

Runner-Up Caption: "Look, Honey! I got canned at work today!" --- Roger

Honorable Mentions: Tired of getting ripped off at the movie theater snack counter? Thanks to duct tape, an overcoat is all you need to sneak in this contraband. --- Banana Slug Man

Clear on the concept of Zydeco music but short on funds for an Official Washboard, never let it be said the Lovely Lesie didn't give it her best shot at the audition. --- Charlene

"The poor man's bullet proof vest" --- Banana Slug Man (again)

First Place Caption: "Mini-Jim."
"Yes, Mini-Tim?"
"Any second a grasshopper will be jumping by. When I say, just out from behind this rock, duct tape like a mad man, then hang on for the ride of your life!"
"Ok, but there's got to be a better way of getting rid of hiccups" --- Dave S. Armstrong

Runner-Up Caption: SURVIVOR VII: Duct Tape Edition - Outthink, Outstick, Outtape... --- Andrew Wald

Honorable Mention: "Soon after GI Joe deserted, the Pentagon called upon the Duct Tape Pros for his
capture." --- MSgt Robert Saul

First Place Caption: Larry won first place at the science fair. Using an old whoopie cushion, a couple straws and duck tape, he constructed a reusable artificial kidney. --- ERJR@...

Runner-Up Caption: It's a's a colostomy bag...nooooo it's both, thanks to that scientific wonder - Duct Tape! --- Mariann Simms

Honorable Mentions:The new improved Playboy Bunny logo - who needs silicone when duct tape is just so much more user friendly? --- Mariann Simms

Ok, we have 50 dollars for the duct tape pace maker do I hear 60 anybody how about 55 ok sold to the elderly gentleman wearing all red and green. --- Jeremiah McDowell

Tim the Duct Tape Guy revolutionizes the Whoopie Cushion with a double throat
version that "toots" Beethoven's 5th in E minor! --- Trip Uhalt

Why throw out those slightly worn colostomy bags? Send $19.95 plus $5.00 for shipping and handling and get your repair kit today. --- ERJR@...

First Place Caption: Delorean on a roll. --- Stan Mienerre

Runner-Up Caption: Chrysler & Warner Brothers introduce the "Ductster", a new concept car featuring
kid friendly airbag that inflates into your favorite cartoon character. (Model 1824-c679PLP shown with Pepe LePew airbag in crash position). 48 month closed end lease. Payment plus tax, title, license. Lease end value at $11,279.52. Total cash down $1,499 due at lease inception, WAC. See dealer for details. --- Trip Uhalt

Honorable Mentions: Hey! you said you were only going to buckle me in! What's with the duct tape. --- James Thurman

Bondo? We don't need no stink'en Bondo! --- Aaron Roberts

"Let's see, It's 'hundred-mile-an-hour tape" , so the car should go that fast now, but since it's ALSO vinyl siding, do I need a street address too?" --- David Tackett

California Energy Crisis Duct Tape Tip #37
Slyly mount your duct tape ejector roll to the front of your car disguising it as a hood emblem. While traveling on the highway, get close to the car in front of you and launch the roll around their rear spoiler. Shut off your engine and enjoy a "gas free"* trip to work. (*with the exception of the large skunk in the passengers seat) --- John Scrofano

First Place Caption: New from IGEA: It’s the disco suit and total-body hair removal system in one. --- Don Savich

Runner-Up Caption: Ted Stevens makes an attempt at becoming the first human disco ball by covering himself entirely in duct tape. --- Jenny Klein
Note: we had several "human disco ball" captions, Jenny was the first in.

Honorable Mentions: Fearing a nuclear war, Jim decided to take a few precautions during the disco in his friend's bomb shelter. Who knew Duct Tape even warded off radiation? --- Chris Hamm

“Are you kidding? I love wrap music!” --- chris hendricks

French couturier designer Yves St. Laurent at his high school prom taking a spin on the floor with fellow Home Economics classmate Bozo the Clown. --- Molly Fink

You can tell by the way I use my Walk
I'm a Duck Tape Pro No Time To Talk
You Can't Run and You Can't Hide,
So Stick right Here Cause I Have no Life
I... I... I... I.. Tapin' for Life Tapin for Life
--- Keith

Only the sheer power of duct tape could contain the awesome force generated by Ed's full powered disco moves. --- Chuck from Minot

"HEY BABY, MY MOJO'S IN THE TAPE" eat your heart out Austin. --- Jerry Tucker

"From Paris to Milan, and in New York, Los Angeles, and London, the Black Tie dinner is now rapidly being herded out of the social scene as celebs and the public alike flock to millennium-trendy Duct Tape dinners." --- Heather Potucek

First Place Caption: Dreading their fate... Steven Glass and Suzy Glass realized they had no chance of escape when their kidnappers tied them in duct tape! --- Matt Sickle

Runner-Up Caption: Duct tape stops the clinking and subsequent breaking of stemware in the dishwasher. --- L.Spradley

Honorable Mentions: Women everywhere are running out to purchase the newest DuctTape creation, which promises to DOUBLE YOUR CUP SIZE! --- Marlene

And now, new from DUCT TAPE: The Optimist's Wine Glass ! When your cup overflows, it now has someplace to go! --- Marlene (yup, same person)

"Finally, a glass that can bring a man closer to his two favorites--his wife and his duct tape" --- Jim C.

"Shown here is the first ever stemware designed for conjoined twins." --- Jason Cousineau (Lots of people went this route - Jason got honorable mention having used the word "conjoined".

First Place Caption: CONTESTANT SAVED BY JUDGE AND DUCT TAPE: At the annual "Sniff and Tell" fish identifying contest current champion Dale Bert, was seriously cut when a swordfish flopped and almost removed the top of his head. Luckily a judge had a roll of duct tape nearby, he was able to tape Dale's head and allowed him to resume sniffing a school of fish. Dale is seen here with the winning "sniff," a Canadian rubber perch. --- Jim Grant

Runner-Up Caption: Sushi stays fresh for days thanks to the miracle of duct tape. Just suck the delicious sushi right from the center of the fish while the duct tape keeps the rest ready to eat another day. --- Dale Peterson

Honorable Mentions: Wow!! I am I ever glad that my boss provides protective gear for working here at the fish
grading plant. Wish he would have bought us the matching gloves to keep the smell off my
hands though. --- Val Starchuk

"I find fishing more sportsman-like by practicing the 'tape and release' method." --- Tim Rooseboom

Welcome back to "American Fisherman." Today we have Tim, the Duct Tape Guy, waiting with "baited breath," to explain to us all how we can catch fish with duct tape. --- Jim Serian

Tim takes first prize in the fish kissing contest at the Annual Duct Tape Picnic and Hotdog Boil. He kissed the fish 132 times in one minute beating the second place winner by eight kisses. --- Wanda Murphy

"Hello Agent 7! Come in , Agent 7 !" --- Marlene

First Place Caption: "Alright! Now my remotes match my TV, and my couch, and my clothes, and my
walls, and my pets, and my..." --- Dave Armstrong

Runner-Up Caption: Now all that's missing is the Cup holder for the beer. --- Jessie Hockett

Honorable Mentions: Amazing new system guaranteed that you will never again lose your remote
controls. Available now for an amazingly low price of $19.00. Limited time offer. Supplies
unlimited.--- Val Starchuk

"In a move that surprised both blue chip and tech investors, the Henkel Group company announced it will sell it's Manco Tape Products Division to Panasonic, a move that will open the door for the electronic giant to introduce it's much-anticipated 'Home Theater Pro' line of remote controls." --- Kevin Kinney

With a little bit of duct tape and a few short lengths of wire, you can power all of your remotes (TV, stereo, DVD, VCR, satellite, and many more) with the same two AA batteries! --- Paul Hanbury

First Place Caption: Martha Stewart: the Later Years” Join us this Saturday at 7pm Eastern for Martha's 2015 Christmas Special. Martha will demonstrate how to trap, gut, cook, and taxidermy your own Christmas Goose using nothing but a pinking sheers and duct tape. (Viewer discretion advised.) --- Francine Barkman

Runner-Up Caption: Audrey, an overzealous duct tape fanatic and student at the University of Colorado Raptor Center fails her final test by applying way too much duct tape on an injured goose... --- Jon Adderly

Honorable Mentions:
With this styling new look, I don't have to fly south for the winter. I'm plenty warm!!! --- Synnova Olson

"Mom improvises when she runs out of cooking bags..." --- Erin

Mary had once and for all proven that she was the neighborhood champion in Duct, Duct, Goose. --- Lee Mackin

Aunt Beth sent off for the $19.95 course on taxidermy she saw on the infomercial. Apparently you do get what you pay for. --- Ben Allen

First Place Caption: Josh likes to be duct in at night for a sound and secure night's sleep. --- Anna Bryant

Runner-Up Caption: Remember kids, safety first! For example, if you are about to awaken your roomie with the news that you have just smashed his car it is useful to secure him to the bed. (See photo) --- J.C. Anderson

Honorable Mentions:Thanks to the hundreds of you who submitted sleep walking captions - to win you have to "think different".

First Place Caption: Coming this fall, "Dog Rogers in the 24th century." Don't miss the harrowing adventures of Dog Rogers and his duct tape hero's as they save the universe each week from those who have no idea that it's duct tape that holds the whole thing together. --- Brad Arney

Runner-Up Caption: "Not only does duct tape make a lovely hat, but it also keeps out the Government's mind-control rays! Safe for children and pets, too!" --- Patrick Roach (congratulations! you won a Duct Tape Book!)

Honorable Mentions: Fritz, embarrassed by his bald spot from the frisbee accident, hoped his stylish duct tape toupe would win the Breeder's Cup judges over. --- Magritte Hyman

Tired of all the cruel and sick taunts from the other dogs in the pack, Bowser decided to duct tape real dog ears in place of those sad little spiky ones his current owner had so visciously fashioned for him in his youth. --- Jill Boniske

Realizing that his black lab was, indeed, Jewish, Mr. Gladstone decided to fashion a makeshift yamaka out of duct tape. --- Kristyn

Why can't Grannie Lab knit her gifts like every other grandma I know? --- Charlene B.

Just as the St. Bernard rescues stranded mountain climbers with a cask of brandy, this Labrador is specially trained to rescue those unfortunate souls who find themselves out of duct tape in an emergency. --- J.C. Anderson

We had a ton of good entries this time. Thanks to all of you who put on your thinking caps and had fun with the photo.

For the story behind this photo, click to The Duct Tape Diner.

First Place Caption: Training for the 2004 Olympics, Jean eases into her balance beam routine by performing on strips of duct tape. Each week she removes one strip until the actual beam width has been realized. --- Jennifer Flood

Runner-Up Caption: This woman is demonstrating just how versatile duct tape can be. Not only is the duct tape providing a cooler way for her to cross the hot pavement, but by looping it around on itself sticky side up, she is also removing the sand from her feet so that it won't get all over the inside of her car. In addition, the duct tape provides a distraction from her obvious fashion faux pas (that's French for wearing stripes and prints at the same time). That's three uses in one--a duct tape triple play!! --- J.C. Anderson

Honorable Mentions: Moments before the ceremonial "waving of the towel" Betsy the Duct Tape girl,
struts her stuff across official "Duct Tape Starting Line" at the 5th Annual
Duct Tape Invitational Drag Race. --- Tommy O'Grady

"Here we see a woman walking across the duct tape seal that prevents the
world from splitting in half." --- Matthew Zane

Having a psychological problem invovling the cleanliness of her feet, Rhonda turns to duct
tape for an answer. --- squidman

APNEWS (parody) SEPT. 23, 2000....WHISTLE BLOWER GIVES SECRET OF FIRE WALKERS...Mona Blisterfoot has revealed to the world how firewalkers have managed to fool people into thinking that they were really walking of hot coals. The excellent insulating properties of DUCT TAPE is the answer. Will the bed of nails be next? --- Jerry Tucker

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