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Duct Tape Can Actually Hold Someone to a Ceiling. Urban Legend? We think not!
John Moore has provided us with these photos of “Tammy on the Ceiling” - This actually happened in ’91/’92 academic year in Loose Hall, Grinnell College - Grinnell, Iowa. (Tammy was a willing volunteer, by the way... and even volunteered to do it again!) (Who says there is nothing to do in Iowa?)
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Duct Tape Man
(left) Soren E. becomes "Duct Tape Man" at least once each year (on Halloween night). We think he should dress that way all of the time - he'd pick up chicks like crazy! (I know 'cause my wife said so.) See other Duct Tape Superheroes by clicking here.
Our Mobile Testing Lab
(right) Someone suggested to us that our Mobile Duct Tape Testing Lab (where we personally test all each hint that makes it into our books) was bizarre. So, we felt obliged to include it in these Duct Tape Bizarre pages.

Shouldertop Computer
(lower right) J.C. Anderson couldn’t afford a laptop. So, with the help of duct tape and some scrap lumber, he invented this remarkable “shouldertop” system.
(not shown in the photo is the generator on wheels duct taped to J.C.’s hindquarters.

Duct Tape Locker
Nicholas B. from Maine made this amazing Duct Tape Locker. The locker features five shelves and three slots - great for storage. Note that Nicholas has our calendar duct taped front and center for easy daily reference.