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Duct Tape Takes Care of AWOL
Due to congressional cut backs the military has now adopted the use of duct tape to maintain discipline and to issue punishment as seen on the right.

The effectiveness has been tested at the highest levels, and thus far the results have been very favorable. One of the biggest problems plaguing the military for years has been the problem of AWOL. But now thanks to DUCT TAPE, this problem can now be dealt with effectively, and at a minimum cost.

Here we see a never before released declassified photo of an early tests of the effective use of DUCT TAPE in handling the problem of AWOL. --- Chuck in Minot

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How to Cultivate a Rock Garden
(left) Jim Pilon sent us this photo of a farm implement on his friend's Ohio farm. thanks to a few boulders and a lot of duct tape, this disc cultivator can really do some serious damage to the soil.
Duct Tape Fashion on the Slopes
(left) Snowboarder "Ultra Mike" hits the slopes at Whiteface Mountain in upstate New York wearing his 100% duct tape trenchcoat and snowpants. Great idea, and a great look! For more duct tape fashions, click to our Duct Tape Fashions Pages.
Emergency Colostomy Repair
(left) This was the third time that "WP22" had to repair his/her colostomy with duct tape. But they swear it works great and "holds all day".
Support Can be Beautiful
(above) This one was making it around the web (without the faces obscured). We thought that it was an excellent testimonial of the virtues of duct tape. If you want to take this one and pass it around, feel free to do so since the subjects have been annonymized.
Egyptian Tape Dispenser?
(left) This was sent to us with no creator mentioned. We have no idea if there is a real person inside (like Jimmy Hoffa - probably not - looks too skinny), or if it is of Egyptian origin (a new mummifying technique), or if it the prototype for a duct tape dispenser. All we know is that it's actual human-sized.

Rumor has it this was created by Andrew B. of Boston University - and that's all we can tell you.

Sourdough Babysitter. Sourdough Mike of the Fly-by-Night Club in Anchorage, AK, shows us his babysitting technique.
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(above) How to NOT have your bike stolen.

(right) Holly, Cynie and Amber dressed up for a Lingerie Night at Rocky Horror Picture Show screening.