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Duck Boat Wins the Crowd
Sean H., Lee K., and Sean McK. of Coventry & Cranston, RI made this really ducky boat for an Art Boat competition. Not only did the thing float like a duck, it won the hearts of the onlooking crowd.
Cable?! We don't need no stinking cable!
Mike S. of Marietta, GA, Southern Polytechnic State University got better TV reception through the use of tin foil and duct tape. That's showin' 'em, Mike!

Bizarre Television Ad
We found a bizarre television ad that utilizes duct tape. It advertises the XSCREAM rollercoaster. Check it out.

(right) Speaking of bizarre... Here is a prop from The Duct Tape Guys' stage show. Jim explains that he made a martial arts device for Catholics... just duct tape two nuns together and you have "Nun Chucks." He then proceeds to do his nunchuck swinging routine.

Cat Dander Control
(below) A sure way to control cat dander: Wrap your cat entirely in duct tape (remember to leave a trap door in the hind quarters or your cat may explode). Wanna see the source for this image? Click to
The Pool Guy
(below) Taken the wrong way, this photo may be a bit blue for our site... but, if you focus on the tape on the ledge of this swimming pool, you will come to realize that it is the reason this pool installer made it on our web site.
(below and right) This was a gag fiftieth birthday gift for our friend Beth. She, and the rest of the people at the party loved it!
(left) Nicholas Przybysz, Clifton Roozeboom and Quin Messenger of Colorado Springs, Colorado write: "We attend Rampart High School.  We did a cardboard boat regada for my drafting class and could use only cardboard, tape, and plastic to construct a boat for a race.  We used the ultimate tape; Duct Tape.  
33 rolls of duct tape+6 sheets of 9'x7' cardboard = The Hamster Wheel of Doom.
We made a giant wheel that two people ran in. We ran over two boats with the wheel. We were afraid it was not going to float because of how heavy it was.  But it floated and worked well."

(below) The Wheel in Action