(left) Bev Schmitz came up with this Duct Tape Super Gal costume for a halloween party. She used three rolls on the cape alone. Unfortunately, the cap was so heavy that it limited her flying abilities, but was probably virtually bulletproof and impermeable to x-ray vision. Nice work, Bev
(right and below) Boston’s mild-mannered Tom O’Grady ducks into a phonebooth to apply the three and a half rolls of duct tape required to become Duct Tape Man, Defender of Freedom, Protector of the American Way!

(above: detail, helmet and goggles)

(below) Duct Tape Man flying into action.

Soren E. (under the flying guy) becomes another "Duct Tape Man" at least once each year (on Halloween night). We think he should dress that way all of the time - he'd pick up chicks like crazy!
(I know 'cause my wife said so.)
(left) While not life-size, Clifford does a lot of crimefighting (on a smaller scale for inanimate objects, of course). With a gentle take off (ie. me throwing him across the room), he can fly for a good 5
seconds. --- Kirsten F., San Diego, California
(Finally, a superhero to help "Mr. Bill".)
Duct Tape Knight
(below) Scott Sippel knighted himself (with a little help from his wife) and is currently fighting crime on the streets of Dousman, Wisconsin (although his mobility is severely limited in cold weather).
Duct Tape Repair Guy
(right) Jerry dons his duct tape outfit and a mask to become the ultimate repair guy.

Duct Tape Guys #4,236 and 4,237: James (lower left) A low profile super hero -- useful in 101 different ways. Disguised as a mild-mannered school district technology coordinator in Springfield, Vermont. --- J. D. McC.

Riley (below) From Chapel Hill, NC, Duct Tape Man Riley started fighting crime Halloween, 2001.

Ken (below) From Olathe, Kansas, Ken, a mild-mannered computer consultant, by night:
DUCT TAPE MAN (who is the REAL Duct Tape Man, anyway?).

(above) From Wyoming: Duct Tape defenders of the Range! Duct Tape Men Erik T., and Luke G.. Tape on, dudes!

(right) We have no idea who this kid is, but he is ready to fight any axis of evil or broken stuff that confronts him. (below right) He raises his cape over his body and "POOF!" he's gone!

(below) Frankly Duct Man (Frank B. L), prepares for duty. We love his cape liner: yellow and black duct tape. But what's that around his waist? Why, it's a clever duct tape dispenser! We'd suggest putting all of the colors of duct tape on it so you are ready for anything that comes your way!
Douglas High School (Oregon) sophomore Brian Bunch, wearing a ‘Duckman’ costume made out of duct tape, gets a last-minute fix to his belt from his mother, Joan, before the school's duct-tape fashion show. Bunch and Ben Beam, who was dressed as ‘Gooseman,’ won first place.
MICHELLE ALAIMO/News-Review photo
(left) Captain Duct Tape (Frank) from Monterey Bay, California.
(right) Captain Ethanol (Jake) from St. Paul, MN - uses hot pink duct tape to make a costume for a college video (he got an "A" - thanks to the duct tape).