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Recycled Duct Tape Ball
Seattle Stage Lighting and Equipment sent us this photo of their giant recycled duct tape ball. It’s becoming so big they have to haul it on a semi (below)!

Great job recycling guys. Maybe we can add it to ours at Duct Tape World (see our second book, "Duct Tape Book Two - Real Stories").

The Great Iowa
Bachelor Duck Tape Bachelor AbDUCTion
Click here for the bizarre story of abduction that happened to an Iowa bachelor.
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindog
(below) A red ice cream scoop and some duct tape can get your dog into the holiday spirit and dressed up to guest in the school Christmas play.
(Not approved by the ASPCA, but Tim’s dog didn’t seem to mind.)

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Ex First Family Uses Duct Tape
Hillary found a creative use for blue duct tape. Folding it in half length-wise, she fashioned an inescapable leash for Bill.
Duct Tape Alien
(right) Bruce Larsen of Fairhope, AL, created this incredible alien costume entirely out of duct tape. (He won $5000 in a costume contest with this creation!)
Fly the Duct Tape Skies
(below) Bill Davis uses duct tape while skydiving to secure the hoses to my harness from the oxygen bottle and to cover the hole in one of my boots (three full wraps around the insole). Bill says it works good on jumpsuits and helmets, too. The cameraman also used duct tape to hold the camera wires down on his helmet. Skydivers, like the military call it “100 Mile-an-Hour Tape.” But Bill and his buddies have proved it is good for a lot faster use.