The Great Iowa Bachelor Duck Tape AbDUCTion

My brother Ed got married on Sept. 4, 1999. Corey, one of his groomsmen, decided to "honor" him with a little surprise just two days before his wedding. We didn't have time to plan a bachelor party, so we had to think fast. Knowing that Ed likes to shop at Menard's, a hardware discount chain store, we decided to strap him to a chair with duct tape and take him shopping. How did we get him to the store? Read on!

Ed had to move some furniture to my sister's house. Therefore, Corey assembled a group of "movers" (Ed's friends) to meet at Ed's house. (Actually, only one extra person was needed to help with the furniture move.) Corey and a coworker went indoors and began preparing the furniture so it could be moved. The plan was working beautifully. Ed didn't suspect a thing, although he was a little surprised by all the extra help he got. The next step was to create a diversion to get him outside. After little smooth talking, someone was finally able to get him to come outside.

Around from the bushes came an office chair with wheels. Ed reluctantly consented to the "abduction." We were originally going to put him in the back of my pickup truck, but decided that wasn't safe. As a result, we transported Ed in a van.

The photos below tell the story of how Ed went shopping at Menard’s to “Save Big Money.” For being such a good sport, we took him to one of his favorite ice cream stores, the Kool Moo. --- Mike L., Hiawatha, Iowa

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