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Octane is pleased to announce that we have been chosen by the Tundra Golf Association (TGA) to maintain their official web site. Golf on the Tundra, written by Jim (The Duct Tape Books) and the frozen foursome, offers the Ultimate Set of Winter Rules. Here is a sampling of what you will find in this hilarious book.

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First of all, we'd like to point out that Tundra Golf is in no way associated with any winter golfing event that uses tennis balls. Tundra Golf is simply, as its name implies, golf played on a frozen, often snow-covered, course. Yet Tundra Golf is so much more than just golf played during the winter months. It is a game that requires dedication. It is a game that requires passion. Above all, it is a game that requires warm clothes.

Tundra Golf also requires an addiction to golf. Those who golf the tundra tend not only to want to play golf, but to need to play. No matter what else is going on in the tundra golfer's life, golf comes first. Marriage, children, religion, career, health-all play second fiddle to getting on the links for a round or two as far as the tundra golfer is concerned.

You probably received this book as a gift from someone who thinks you're addicted to golf. If you bought it yourself, you probably are addicted to golf. In either case, we're here to help.

We're not suggesting you somehow overcome your "problem"- who are we to judge? If you are addicted to golf and, like us, can't afford to move to warmer climes, Golf on the Tundra: the Official Rule Book of the T.G.A provides you with a guide to facilitate your addiction winter play. Don't think of these "rules" as a set of hard and fast regulations. In fact, feel free to adapt our suggestions. The important thing is that you get out there and play and avoid the pain of withdrawal!

-- The Frozen Foursome: (below from left to right) Tony "Dr. Storm" Smith, Paul Whitelaw "Winter Rules" Gorski, Jim "Ice" Berg, and Ron "Frozen Bear" Stierman

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While traditional golf hazards are practically eliminated from Tundra Golf (roughs are snow-covered, water and sand frozen), the game does include some unique hazards not found during summer play. Keep the guidelines on the following pages in mind if you encounter those particular obstacles.

8a. Sledders in the Fairway

If a player's ball is interfered with by the head or body of a sledder, the player is allowed a drop where the ball would have landed or a free shot from the ball's original position.

8b. Cross-country Skiers/Tracks

Should a skier interfere with a player's backswing, the player is allowed to hit again without penalty. Cross-country ski and snowmobile tracks may be treated as you treat cart paths during the summer-free swing and stance relief.

8c. Freezing on the Green

This hazard is common among players who take too much time lining up their putts and is another good reason to avoid slow play, and can sometimes result in a penalty (see Hypothermia).

8d. Snowmobiles

While their tracks provide a great lie, snowmobiles themselves pose a great danger, as many drivers may not even see you as they scout the horizon for cross-country skiers to run over.

8e. Irate Greenskeepers

Unenlightened greenskeepers may not recognize the assets of Tundra Golf, under the misconception that play during winter months may damage a course. The truth is, the frozen ground actually protects turf from divotting.

However, should an angry groundsperson disrupt your round, play may be continued at a later date from the last hole finished with no penalty to any players.

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Hypothermia is such a dangerous hazard that T.G.A. officials have deemed it necessary to give it its own section in this book. Remember, Tundra Golf is a pro-family sport, and nothing breaks up a family faster than having one of its members freeze to death trying to get in a round of golf. We frown on this type of behavior.

Succumbing to the elements is the fault of ill-prepared or reckless tundra golfers, those who did not prepare themselves for the conditions or continued to play when it was too darn cold even for scramble play. Perhaps their play was so slow, they simply froze.

This, of course, creates dangers for fellow tundra golfers, who must brave the conditions to retrieve and revive hypothermia victims. Because of this, after reviving partner from slow-play hypothermia, players are allowed to assess their frozen colleague a two-stroke penalty.

Right: Reviving a hypothermic colleague--a two-stroke penalty for the victim! (Fifth hole, Mt. Everest Climbing, Rapelling, & Golf Club, Nepal)

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Creating An Advantage

Let's face it: if you're addicted to golf so much so that you choose to play Tundra Golf, you probably are also willing to go to great lengths to win. While the T.G.A. hardly endorses cheating, we do recognize that playing during the colder months does create certain tactical temptations that may not be easy to avoid. So that all of you new to Tundra Golf can start on equal footing, we have decided to grace the following pages with the five most popular methods used by T.G.A. members to "create advantages" for themselves.

Non-Sanctioned Tip #1: Icing the Putter

Pour liquid on an opponent's putter head just before he removes the club from his bag. The club head will freeze to the exposed skin of your opponent's hand, forcing him to walk about two holes with the putter under his armpit until he can remove his hand from the putter head without surgery.

Non-Sanctioned Tip #2: Pre-Cracked Pins

If your foursome is using sticks in place of flags to mark cups on greens (see rule #6a), volunteer to place the "pins" ahead of time and use prefractured sticks, so that even putters with the softest touch will break them, adding a stroke to their score (be careful, though: make sure you're "away" from the sabotaged greens).

Non-Sanctioned Tip #3: Horning an Opponent

When playing during deer hunting season, you may gain an advantage by placing a rack of deer antlers on your opponent's bag. It will be hard for him or her to concentrate after just one wayward hunter takes a few pot shots.

Non-Sanctioned Tip #4: Trick Balls

Replace your opponents' orange balls with gag balls that turn from orange to white during flight. They'll be buying balls and taking penalty strokes in no time (see rule #2c).

Non-Sanctioned Tip #5: The Cold Bath

Scout the course before your opponents arrive and remove all the "thin ice" signs from ponds and lakes.

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Here are the Smart Courses up on the Tundra that allow winter play. Want to be added to the list? Please e-mail us your course name and city/state/provence, course phone number and web site URL.


Idlewild Golf Course, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
(the home of the Frozen Foursome and the TGA)

Ledeni Kurac Golf and Shooting Club
100 Tuzlanska Road, Kladanj, Bosnia
(Tanks firing on the 15th and 18th fairways give new meaning to "Golf Hazards") -- submitted by Robert Meersman

Krasnoje Zvhesda Klub Golfii on Nova Zembla -Note: you can only play it in the winter since the 18th hole breaks off and floats away every spring.
-- also submitted by Robert Meersman

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Here is our collection of Online Golf Links that you'll want to check out and bookmark for future reference. If you have a golf link you'd like us to ad, please link this page to your site and e-mail us your URL and a brief description of your site for this list.

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Here is our listing of Winter Golf News and Tournaments (past and upcoming). If you know of an event that uses REAL GOLF BALLS and is played during the "off season," let us know! Please send us the date, event, course name, city and state - and we'll update our list.

Every February: St. Paul Winter Carnival Winter Golf Tournament For more information call the Lost Spur Golf and Country Club, Eagan, Minnesota.

Winter Golf Courses The complete guide to Golf Courses in Wisconsin.

Sauble Hosts Snow Golf Tourney The Sauble Golf Club played host to the first annual Snow Golf Tournament, with all proceeds going to the Grey Bruce Regional Health Centre. The March 12 event, which attracted 42 golfers, used regular clubs...

Daily Nebraskan Sports It might be hard to believe, but there are places in the world where the winter lasts longer than in Nebraska. NU freshman golfer (Oslo, Norway native) Hanna Nyquist knows that all too well. [More]

Winter Golf in Arvidsjaur Winter Golf in the snow in Arvidsjaur, Swedish Lapland. Try this new sporty version of golf - winter golf in the snow! The board of tourism in Arvidsjaur, together with the local golf club, has developed this new version of our popular sport.

Winter Wonderland or Golf Wasteland? With every Canadian golf season there is a definitive end. Snow means the club get put in the closet and the skiis take that position of prominence in the front hall closet...

THE MOUNTAIN EAR/Skiing 4/03/97 Fourth Annual On-Snow Golf Tournament. Attitash Bear Peak Resort will host serious golf for silly skiers today with the fourth annual Attitash Open.


BEAVER PRIDE WINTER GOLF BEMIDJI, MN-The Beaver Pride Winter Golf Tournament

Sports Forum The unusual is the order of the day in St.Moritz. Numerous unparalleled attractions are on offer. Naturally also summer and winter sports from A to Z. Highlights & Sports

HEMSEDAL Winter Golf Tournament

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