(right) Todd’s salute to that famous Yankee baseball player, “Headless Joe.”

(below) A Canadian Honker in mom’s kitchen! Proof positive that you can make a Goose out of a Duck (tape).

(above) Think the PETA people will get mad about a Bear Skin Rug made out of duct tape? ...Probably.

(below) Try to kill this dandelion. Thank goodness the ones in our lawns aren't as durable as this duct tape dandelion!

Hey, Todd! Mom’s gonna be mad about this one! You made your duct tape beaver too lifelike!
He’s chowin’ down on the chair leg!

(below) The Other Gray Meat.

(belowier) Duct Tape Sculpting Secrets Revealed!
This deer trophy head is a work in progress.

(below) PRIDE: It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you have none!
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Check out the GIANT Duck Tape American Flag that Todd made to celebrate Flag Day and the 60th anniversary of duct tape in 2002. It's on display in our Duct Tape Art Gallery.

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