NEW YORK, June 24, 2002 – What is red, white and blue and constructed from more than 13 miles long of duct tape? Duck brand® Duct Tape celebrated the 60th anniversary of duct tape and Flag Day by unveiling an American flag the size of an NBA-basketball court made entirely of red, white and blue duct tape in New York City's Union Square Park. The event spotlighted duct tape’s patriotic past and more artistic uses.

Constructed by professional duct tape sculptor Todd Scott, the flag is made from 1,120 rolls of Duck Tape (each roll is 1.88 inch by 20-yards). That is more than 13 miles of tape. Measuring 50 by 95 feet and weighing more than 500 pounds, it is the world's largest American flag made of duct tape. It took more than 150 hours to make the flag, which features strips four feet wide and stars more than 3 feet in diameter.
(above) Todd Scott and a team from Henkel Consumer Adhesives (Duck® brand) work through the night assembling the 95 by 50 foot duct tape flag on location in New York City's Union Square Park.
During the ceremony, duck employees Amy and Heather donned their duct tape Betsy Ross and George Washington costumes.