(left) Andrea from East Lancing, Michigan (Michigan State) was "Duct Tape Girl" last halloween. Good look, Andrea. And the best thing about your outfit is, if you spill on yourself during the party, you can just hose yourself off!

(below) No, it's not Abe Lincoln, but it's how he probably would have dressed if there was duct tape in the 1800s. This is Jake VanderPlas in his 100% duct tape tux. His interesting new technique involves a dryer lint lining to his jacket.

(below) Ultra Mike is shown snowboarding at Whiteface Mountain in upstate New York. His choice of fashion for the slopes? A 100% duct tape trenchcoat and snowpants.
MIT Fashions
(above) MIT freshmen Katie and Julie made these dresses for a formal ball. They took about two hours to make. The skirts had duct tape for most of it, with bubble wrap on the seam. The tops were bubble wrap with duct tape used for straps and to cover "sensitive areas." They loved the long glances everyone gave them. "At MIT, many people are extremely strange, so we weren't entirely shocking."
Luc and the Unconverted
(left and lefter) Luc G. of San Luis Obispo, CA and his lovely although unenlightened prom date, Monica. Luc made his entire outfit of silver and white duct tape. Quite a classy outfit. We’re guessing that Luc was sweating bullets by the time the night was over.

Duct Tape Prom Contest
See the winners of the 2001 contest:
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Toddler Fashion
(above) Rich T. of Locust Grove, Virginia sent us this cute reminder that duct tape is not only a fashion statement, but “never lets you down” when it is put to utilitarian tasks.

Support Can be Beautiful...
You had a lot of different this about duct tape uses for prom. so i thought i would show you my duct tape use. My problem came up right before my date was going to pick me up so I yelled for my mom to get the duct tape, she kind of looked at me funny but she got it and we made me a better bra.. DUCT TAPE is great! --- B.J.M.

School Fashion Statement
Chris M. (right) relies on duct tape to make a fashion statement at his school - and does a fine job of it we might add. Jim could use this outfit with his spilling problem. Slop all over yourself while eating? No problem, just hose yourself down! Nice work, Chris!