Eric’s Duct Tape Fashion Statement
This guy is stylin’! First a duct tape hat, then duct tape pants (giving new meaning to the term ?Sweat Pants?). Both are made of 100% duct tape (four rolls for the pants, one and a half rolls for the hat). Looks like Eric is ready for tapin’ the town gray! Nice work, Eric! Tape on, dude! See our accessories pages!
Fancy Deluxe Duct Tape Creations
Emilie Autumn has created stuff from duct tape for ten years... here are three of her creations. Check out her other artsy stuff at her website:
Wanna be the Life of the Party?
Unidentified party gals (lower right) in their spill-proof, stain-resistant party attire (co-workers of Rocky Mullin)

And, a suitable date for these party gals might be Kyle M. (below) of Huntsville, AL, who is stylin’ in his duct tape duds.

(below) Casie F. of Clarkesville, GA, made this skirt as a tribute to her retiring high school band director. She also had matching duct tape shoes each with a flower on it as well.
Jason C. (left) from Scotland, Ontario made this incredible suit and shirt out of duct tape. We can imagine that he must have lost about fifty pounds while wearing it. Nice work, Jason.
Duct Tape Knight (?)
(left) Scott S. of Dousman, WI went to a Halloween party as what we figure to be either a duct tape mummy, or a knight in duct tape armor. He won third place... that must mean the first and second place used even more duct tape!

Super Hero Bowling
(below) Jonathan Barr and Darra Stigers don their duct tape to participate in Duct Tape Bowling. Click to Duct Tape Super Heroes for the rest of the story.

Duct Tape Does Disco
(left) No, it’s not one of the Baldwin brothers, it’s Cullen R. of Connecticut (the middle C is silent) resplendant in his duct tape disco suit. In a pinch his suit will also double as a disco ball
(right) Marc J. D., Palos Heights, Illinois in his stunning three-piece suit.