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Week One (uno, eine, un) (currently busted, sorry)
Week Two (deux, swi, duh)
Week Three (troix, twa, tres, dry)
Week Four
(qatorz, quatra, quatro, feur)
Week Five (cinko, five, 5, phive)
Week Six (tchix, seiz, sex... huh?)
Week Seven (7)
Week 8 (eight, ocho, echhht)
Week 9 (IX, nine, nein)
Week X (ten, 10)
Weak (week, wêk) 11
Week 12 (Tw’elf)
Week 13 (darn the luck, busted, too!)
Week fourteen (4-teen)
Fiftheenth Week (FIF-teen)
Sweet Sixteen
Week 7teen (17)
Eighteen (18) final week.

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