Duct Tape: The Video brings The Duct Tape Books to life. A special repackaging of Jim and Tim’s television shorts, "Mega Mini Movies" with some special footage from our ’round the world tour, this video clocks in at over 30 minutes. The wacky and creative G-Rated material is appropriate for family viewing.
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100% of the people who have reviewed our video LOVE IT!
Our One Review: The Duct Tape video has it all: travel, household hints, humor, drama, passion... er well, almost everything. Let's just say, it has a lot! It's the next best thing to having the Duct Tape Guys actually in your home. In fact, after watching Jim eat, I may even say that it's better. Seriously, I thought it was very funny. I would definitely let the kids watch it. The Duct Tape Video has a lot of laughs for the entire family. --- Peterson Video Review Services