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Hockey Puck I just thought I should let you know how duct tape helped us play hockey. First of all we live in St. Petersburg, Florida. Playing on ice is out of the question, so we play outside with a ball. Nevertheless, we all arrived at the tennis courts but nobody brought a hockey ball. We found a tennis ball and played with it for about 15 minutes. We stopped because the ball bounced too much. I always bring a roll of duct to our games to tape up our sticks and stuff. So I had a great idea to duct tape the ball. It was perfect! The ball never bounced and gripped our sticks real nice. We'll never use a real ball again! - John B., St. Petersburg, FL

Snowmobile Fix Last year, hear in Onaway, Michigan at the Black Lake Shiveree (ice fishing carnival). my freind and I were snowmobiling about seven miles north of where my dad fishing was fishing. Riding along when all of a sudden the ski popped
off. no problem we had we had duct tape we tapped the ski back to the steering linkage and tapped the front loops so we could steer. We made it safely all the way back. - Clark C.

Duct Tape Anvil My daughter had to do a poetry project for which a visual representation of the poem was required.  She was doing Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's "The Village Blacksmith" and we figured an anvil would be a great visual.  But where to find one and how could she lug the big, heavy thing into school? Duct tape to the rescue! We have your Halloween Costume book (my son was a game show contestant last year...thanks!) and I figured, if you can make a human ATM or an alien, why not an anvil? - Pat and Kim

Rube on a Roll I just read the latest Duct Tape on a Roll and saw the Rube Goldberg article. Reading the article reminded me of when I was in 8th grade and failing science class. I was told the only way I would pass for the year was if I managed a B- or better on the final project. Well you can guess it was to build a Rube Goldberg machine. Now while everyone else used wood, nails and glue, I used just cardboard and the wonders of wonders, DUCT TAPE. My teacher was amazed and I ended up with a solid A on the project. I even got extra credit. Thank you Duct Tape. I love it so much. Just wanted to share an inspirational story with you. - Nancy H., Ohio

Duct Tape Game Bag My friends, traveled from 800 miles away, to visit and for an evening of board games. As we played the paper bag that held the game pieces began to tear. Duct tape that was lying near by was grabbed. As we played throughout the night the duct tape was used quite frequently. That was seven years ago. The duct tape bag still hold those game pieces today.-Maureen S., Greenville SC

Rube Goldberg on a Roll Armed with 5 rolls of 66 yard duct tape, students in Mr. Johnson's technology class at the Stewart Middle Magnet School, Tampa, made these Rube Goldberg contraptions. We have no idea what they do, but they sure look complicated enough to qualify as Rube Goldberg inventions.

Duct Tape Boat The California High School (San Ramon, CA) physics class made this boat out of duct tape (30 rolls) and cardboard. the boat successfully sailed with 15 students. That's roughly equivilent to the weight of Jim and Tim.

Duct Tape Birthday Party My 10 year old son is having a Duct Tape birthday party. We are making Duct Tape wallets and playing some team building games with Duct Tape. As party favors they will all take home a roll of colored Duct Tape, a Duct Tape book and a braided Duct Tape bracelet...all this will be inside their handmade Duct Tape goody bag! Even the invitations were made out of Duct Tape....what could be more fun for a group of 10-year-old boys! - Amy N. from York, Maine

What a GREAT IDEA! After ten years, funny, we never thought of having a duct tape birthday party (or kids are just too danged old! Click here to get a deal on our books - party favor-priced!

Duct Tape Don Dazzles his Darling with Duct Tape Roses
Don F. followed our advise (and instructions) and made his wife a dozen duct tape roses for Valentine's Day. "She loved them. She even brought them to work to show her coworkers." Big points scored for Don (and kudos go to Don for his wonderful duct tape craftsmanship, too!)

Whose Disk is This?
One time at a computer science competition the school supplied no floppy disk labels so I improvised and put a strip of duct tape on each one. Needless to say it worked and everyone was impressed at our creativity. - Josh C., Tomball, TX

Swimmer's Training Cap I was at a swim meet last week in and my son's swim cap ripped from ear to top of his head. We did not have another cap so I ran to the car to get my roll of duct tape and fixed it. His entire swim team thought it was great, so we put duct tape on everyone's cap. It was a big hit at the swim meet. - David R. H.
Good idea - until it starts flapping and causing drag - good during training - but not during a meet - hey, maybe that's an idea.

Noise Abatement My PC was driving me crazy because it was so loud. I have an adjustable case fan and keep it running around 3800 RPM's. The side panels let sound through, the front panels did as well. I decided to try Duck Tape and see if it helped to quiet down things. I placed 2 layers on the side panels, and 2 layers on the front panel. Afterwards there was a noticable drop in noise levels, and the only noise now comes from the back where there is little area to keep sound from escaping. Duck tape is less expensive then soundproofing material and easier to remove. - Sam DeR

Myles, Duct Tape Boy Loves duct tape! He also loves our calendars - of which he posts his favorite pages on the wall next to his bed. You can see Myle's Halloween costume (Duct Tape Boy) in our Duct Tape Halloween costume gallery and his backpack (that he uses every day at school) in our Fashions Accessories pages.

Protect Your Textbooks I made duct tape book covers for my Geometry and French 1 textbooks. - Vivian D., San Jose, CA

Gunsmithing Uses As a practicing gunsmith for nigh on 20 years now (Who knows, a few more and maybe I can stop practicing and really get with it.), I've found many uses for the magical material.  While I've never actually used it to mount a scope, I routinely put a piece on the underside of scopes that I mount on muzzleloaders to prevent corrosion.  Of course, I've got both matte and shiny black, as well as silver for the stainless finished models.

A little inside scope rings helps when they're not clamping down tightly enough.  Camo ductape (It's said like one word, why not spell it that way?) is great for all sorts of accessorizing, especially on hunting guns and bows (which I'm often forced to work on). Holding oddly shaped pieces (like chunks out of stocks) together while the glue dries can be a real pain with conventional clamps; a wrap or two of ductape does the job handily and takes the excess glue with it when removed.  Of course it sometimes takes some of the finish when it's removed - thus leading to a refinishing job!
- Peter M. Cromwell, Friendly Neighborhood Gunsmith

Locker Privacy Michael S. of Texas wanted some privacy for his locker. Duct tape to the rescue. Why Michael rated the jumbo-sized locker, we haven't a clue (nor do we know what's inside of it, thanks to duct tape).

Window Caulk on a Roll Mitch of Whittier, California, used duct tape to fix his window and says that it has stood up to all kinds of weather without a leak. We think he ought to keep going and do the entire window - he'd get rid of that nasty wood rot and never have to paint again. Mitch's wife, Sarah, must be sooo proud!

MacGyver-style DVD Box Repair What better way to repair a ripped MacGyver DVD collection box?

Junk Binder Armstrong Cleaning removes old carpeting and padding securing it with duct tape for the trip to the junk yard.

Airplane Insulator It is winter carnival season here in the Adirondacks of New York. One of the several activities at the Lake George winter carnival is sky divers jumping out of a plane & landing on the ice amongst the crowd. Then the plane returns to the lake, & goes up with another batch of parachutists. I took my son & nephews to view the plane between trips. Sure enough, the interior of the tiny plane had duct tape covering every possible gap where air could get in (as in frigid cold air entering the cabin). So much DT in there, it looks as if the plane is being held together with it. - Kenis S. , Queensbury, NY